Wanna Know Why …

… Orca is such a Manjaro Linux fan? Somehow because of …



Yes, infuckingdeed, he wrote “beginner friendly”! And it’s even true. No shit, once installed the desktop environmnent of your choice will look and feel 99% identical to all the other distros using the same DE. Only Manjaro will be faster, probably more stable and you’ll have a better feeling using it. Because you know you’re part of one of the most geeky, but still friendly, communities. Really, they even have a forum thread asking why there are only so few women in Linux. They really do bother. See how caring and fair they are?

Arch Linux Women (Arch Women o A-W) es una organización internacional ...

This is a distro you can grow old with, there is no need to switch it out for newer versions since Manjaro is a Rolling Release. All you need to do is running the updates (one click) and you’ll always be on the latest, most freshest software and drivers and bugfixes and whatnots.

Am I really recommending Manjaro Linux as a beginner friendly distro for total n00bs?

Yes, why not? Linux will be new for you anyway, doesn’t matter if you’re going the typical newbie route with Linux Lite, Ubuntu MATE and any other nanny systems or choosing something “real” right away. Once you’ve figured out how to get something done in your newb system you can do the same in Manjaro as well.

... para geeks, frikis, nerds o fans de la tecnología | Desde Linux

Of course it always depends on you. If you’re the type user who’s grown up with Windows and know all the bells and whistles of all the softwares, have maybe even programmed something yourself, then you won’t get lost in Manjaro.

If on the other hand you’re one of the people who just computer by numbers and click on specific icons because someone’s told you that’s how to get a certain thing done, but you have no clue about what actually happens inside your machine, well, you’re probably indeed better of with Ubuntu MATE or Linux Lite.

The rest of you, come on, give yourself a well-tempered kick in the butt and install Manjaro!


 =^.^= Meow =^.^=

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