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Jackie Brown. It’s quite an old movie by now and we all have seen it at least a dozen times since it premiered in 1997. But it needs to be said Jackie Brown is easily Tarantino’s best work. It doesn’t confuse us with time jumps but tells its dirty little gangster story straight and consequential … as it should be.

Jackie Brown ( 1997 )

Also this movie doesn’t give us a kaleidoscope of a dozen different stories, hold together by more or less the same personnel. No, Jackie Brown operates on a decidely smaller scale but does so with focus, believable characters and gravitas that pulls you into the story.

Jackie Brown ( 1997 )

Jackie Brown’s got rhythm. Not talking about the cheesy (in a positive way) soundtrack but about the editing. It’s got a flow and, as I aleady said, its gravitas is hard to escape. Really cool movie that should be on anyones watchlist.

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