Why Haven’t I Shown You This Yet?

Must’ve totally slipped my mind …



Oh so nice, so cuddly, so stylish, so expensive, so chic. These are the perfect computers for the big boss man’s personal assistent, when she’s risen far above the ranks of a normal secretary. So perfect for us SL female residents, right? But let me curb your enthusiasm right here. There is no space for a dedicated graphics card in the Lini’s small form factor cases. So NO GAMING! 😦

Apart from that they make the perfect little computers for all the rest. As the specs show these are serious numbercrunchers, and with the latest Intel onboard graphics they are even good for some light gaming and you can even do the one or other short little stint into the wondrous world of Second Life. But not for too long as the Lini PCs are fanless for total silent operation. And this is the most important part: You can get them with a preinstalled Linux and save 50 US$ per unit.

Oh. As that guy just told us you can in fact cram a mini graphics card into the Lini 1SL, so the game is on!


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