Talking About Backups

Just came about this interesting product:


A mobile SSD, what could be better? Yeah, I know it’s nothing but an oversized USB stick in principle but it’s shockprove and waterproof and idiot proof and maybe even Orcaproof  so the SD700 may have a future in my peripherals carpool.

Connectivity is USB 3.1, so not the absolute latest tec but … meh. The Adata SD700 comes in different sizes as well: 256GB/512GB/1TB, which is whoa but prolly much too expensive for my taste. It’s of course cross-platform so you can use it on your Mac, your Win machine, your Android shit but most importantly with your fancy new Linux rig as well.

Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
Mac OS X 10.6 or later
Linux Kernel 2.6 or later
Android 5.0 or later

Here’s a video about this nice product (TrYC bikini race directrices not included):

I know what I want for xmas. 🙂


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