What About Trump?


Now that this megalomaniac brute’s made the White House white again where is Orca? Nowhere to be found. How typical of her. Isn’t she known for hating the guy, like most of you do as well? Yes. So where are my blogposts about him, where are my sarcastic comments? Where is Orca in times when America needs her most?

donald trump

Yahaaa, see, that is already one, if the the main, reason for my silence: I’m not American, not a citizen of the United States. Your fukn president ain’t my problem, neither my concern. I know he’s a bad man, an evil person, a sub par human being. No need to write about it for the thousandth time, is it?

Viewpoint: Are Donald Trump and his rivals a big joke? - BBC News

As we have seen already in the very short time since his inauguration he did a lot of stupid, dangerous and harmful stuff. But he did at least one good stuff when he stopped TPP. So as a citizen of the world (you know, the insignificant provinces outside of US borders) I’m moderately and carefully happy with your president Trump. Yes, carefully, vewwy vewwy carefully. Because one never knows about his needs and wants and likes and dislikes every day of the year, do we?  He might be friendly today and tomorrow he’ll send some nukes across the Atlantic. 😮 So why should I, with my limited political knowledge, join the choir?

Donald Trump Was Particularly Orange Tonight | RedState

Second reason, and maybe surely more important: Thar She Blows! is first and foremost a Second Life blog. I know lately it’s hard to find any SL-related posts around here, but it’s still at the very basis of my bloggy. And, ok, let’s say it’s a Linux blog; what then, eh? Doesn’t make it a Trump blog neither. So, yes, I’m done with that guy; said what I had to say, can now only watch helplessly how he’s gonna kill the States/world.

Blow a trumpet at Donald Trump / Boing Boing

And there’s a third reason for my silence regarding Donald Trump: That man is domineering the press right now. No website, no blog, no radio show, no TV show that doesn’t have any opinion about him. And since I don’t have any news myself but could only act as a multiplier, a relayer of opinions on Trump, I’m simply overwhelmed right now. There are so many reports and new stories about that man, it’s impossible for me to keep up with it. Let’s not forget, the phenomenon Donald J. Trump is just of small and very temporary interest to my blog.

Donald Trump Bad Hair Day Pictures

So let’s hope this was the last we’ve heard about him … at least on this here bloggy. But believe me, I’ll keep my eyes on that guy and if when he starts acting up I’ll let you know what I think about it. Promise. But for now back to sweet lazydom …

Donald Trump Big Smile Pictures - Freaking News

Enraged Brits demand Donald Trump UK ban • The Register

Donald Trump

VIDEO) Donald Trump Threatens To Do Ted Cruz A Favor By Suing Him. Or ...

US-Wahl 2016: Donald Trump und der Faschismus - eine Annäherung



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