Back Up: How Are You Doing It?


One  thing that is very important, obviously, for many or almost all computer users on the planet, no matter if on Windows, MacOS or real operating systems, is backupping, or upbacking (?) ones data every once in a while. Right? I know it’s important n stuff but also not very entertaining, which for Orca is more than enough reason to treat the backup of my data my with pure neglect and sloppyness … if at all.

I know there are many different routes to go, from  fully automated overkill solutions, some people backing up their whole hard drives incl. OS, and then there are those fukn hippie slobs like Orca, who grumbly does it maybe once a month and accepts her fate in a similar manner in which she endures that other monthly menace.

Microsoft Azure now lets you backup VMware instances
If only it was soooo simple. :/

Don’t I fear to lose my data? Oh yes I do, don’t get me wrong, my  data is dear to me. But  guess I found the perfect (for me) solution that I follow since years already and that has worked out kinda admirably so far.

I keep all my important and personal data on external hard drives, on which I put my actual stuff, as already mentioned, once a month. I do it manually, without using any specialized backup softwares but keeping it (very) simple. But how do I know what data to backup and where to find it? Easy, by keeping most of my shit directly in folders on the desktop! And, yeah, since my desktop is oldfashioned and an active one I can create new folders there and push data into them. Only folders I need to backup from more deep inside my system are the Music and Images folders, all my daily projects are, as I said, on the desktop, so I can’t miss them.

Orca’s desktop during the backup

That way it doesn’t even take me a minute to start the backup process. Oh, and I don’t deal with  complicated shit like only adding or deleting stuff that changed since the last backup, I just push the whole folders, as they are, over to the external platters.

That’s brutally simple and not the least bit elegant or geeky or sophisticated but … it fukn werkz!

Oh, and what I NEVER EVER do is putting anything into the cloud. Because as we all know the so-called cloud is just someone elses computer. Brrrr, shudder … 😮

Backup Solutions | Australian Computer Solutions
Where dead computers go. 😦

So, please let me know what’s your take on the damned update stuff. How often and how are you doing it? Or don’t you do it at all and just trust that everything will be right and fine? Or are you one of those overly sensitive and sensible people who does it like every day???

Let’s talk …



  1. I use hidrive from german based strato for years now for all my personal and business data. And a few times a year i make a copy of all the data on strato to external hard drive too. So i’m partly with you orca. Strato mirrors all data on 2 server locations. So if one location burns down my data still exists on the other server. Also they make daily back ups. I pay only a little fee, but sleep quite comfortable about my data. Also because german law is quite thorough about privacy as i understood.

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    • I assume you’ve got professional business data to back up, right? Yes, then a professional service is in order and completely justified. Plus I think you’re right about using Strato, as those Germans are pretty much hands on and don’t fuck about. And, yes, we (still) have some nice privacy laws in Germany I guess. Can’t say exactly since I’m using only hotel wifi for like 2 weeks/year when we’re over there. No idea how secure our data is on hotel wifi, I guess not very. So we’re taking great care about what we’re doing once we’re there and stay away from internet banking and all transactions that require us to send out passwords and private data. Just surfing kinda anonymous, except when feeding my bloggy.
      Anyhoo, I don’t think my usual readership, the SL fraggles, need a real professional backup solution. Just get an external HDD, SSD, or maybe just a USB stick is enough. I know my husbando has all his data on one (1) 8 GB USB stick. And another one as a 1:1 clone of the first one for security reasons. It’s enough for him since he just saves text files. Those things hardly take up any space at all.


      • Grins. You’re right. I have business data. Thanks for finding that justitied.
        Even for only private use in combination with not too much data i would keep using this. Then their prices are like really low. Like € 0,80 a month for a 20gb hidrive. A cup of coffee in the café is more expensive then that.

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        • Not in OrCafé, no, it isn’t. Coffee there was always complementary and bottomless. 🙂
          But of course you’re right, 80 €urocents/mth is a laugh and a half. Otoh do you know where your stuff is? On a Strato server or somewhere in the cloud? And even if it’s on Strato’s own servers, you need internet access to retrieve your data. My more physical approach works without connectivity and even without any electricity. As long as my laptop batteries are having some power I have access to my data. =^.^= And I know where my data is. While your data is hanging around in bars, taking drugs and getting with bad company mine is lovely and eager to stay close to my physical location. :)))


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