Baffled, Flabbergasted, Perplexed


Was just checking something that seemed to be odd and was not as it was supposed to be. The numbers didn’t add up for my MiniMe computer. So today I took the calculator and calculated. 🙂


crazy1Let’s see:

  • Proline 15.6″ screen = 13.50€
  • Lenovo ThinkCentre M90P = 94€
  • Logitech G602 wireless mouse = 82€
  • CM Storm Rapid I mechanical keyboard = 100€



See that? The two peripherals (which I got in lesser versions for free with the PC) cost me much more than the main parts of my little secondary desktop. Who does that? Who acts that crazy??? Now that’s confusing and I’m as shocked as you are. I’m such a weirdo, completely gaga. 😮 But if you’ve ever typed on a mechanical keyboard you’ll hopefully understand. Some things are worth the price.




  1. I just found your blog and I’m very impressed with the content, as I’m new to Linux, and want to eliminate all Windows computers from my house. Is there any way to read your blog from oldest to newest?

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    • Thx Scott, but let me put a dampener on your enthusiasm right away: I’m by no means a Linux expert, just a loudmouth opinionated housewife with a more philosphical than technical approach to Linux. That’s why everything I write about Linux are less than real reviews but more like reports from exactly the view of an clueless end-user.

      Also I hope you’re aware of the fact this this ain’t a Linux blog but it’s all about the virtual world of Second Life, in which I am less and less active and therefore dedicate more time to Linux and other shitz. 🙂 I found Linux to be perfect for my needs and perfect as a base OS for Second Life as well. Since I’m on Linux I haven’t crashed the “game” even once and enjoy very good fps and latency times. Which might be due to a better DSL connection, dunno.

      The way to read this blog from start to finish is to start at the beginning! LOL
      Well, it started in 2011 I guess, but on Google’s blogspot: To be more exact, it all started with this post of June 23, 2011:
      My first personal experience with Linux blogged on 23 March 2012:

      So on this WordPress bloggy it’s Linux from day 1 already. Unfortunately, due to the magazine style layout and my personal stupidity it’s hard to find any system in it. But let me try …
      Here, found it. March 15 2015:

      Anyhoo, am already bored with this layout, as so often and am about changing it to another style, maybe a normal blog style or sumfink …

      Anyhoo, thx for calling in and I hope you’ll have some fun here. Actually if you only have half as much fun reading as I have writing I have twice as much fun as you have! LOL =^.^=

      Anyhoo, for the full effect you gotta imagine this blog read to you with a sexy, slightly lisping female voice wiz a werry harsh Jermän äkkzent.


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