A New Beauty Ideal

After fishy snouts, mile wide thigh gaps, short legs, ultrawide hips, african-momma-wide asses, straight long hair and other abominations of the female physiognomy now we get presented the first Bento noggin sporting an aquiline nose. 😮



As Berry shows us so impressively in her blog and in a YT video as well, this classic roman nose, or as I call it, the “broken boxer nose” is obviously the taste of the makers at Genesis Lab. I find it terrible and come to the verdict she’s not gonna turn me into a raving lesbian. 🙂 Although she looks sooo pretty from straight ahead, doesn’t she? If the nose wasn’t so uaaargs I’d fuck her. 🙂



    • Nooo, this hook is put there intentionally by Genesis Lab. Of course you can make it even more prominent, as Berry did, or a bit flatter. But afaik you won’t get it to go away completely. There’ll always remain that little knuckle.


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