More Linux Hardware


But this is different. A special laptop for KDE??? WTF, KDE isn’t even a real distribution but just a desktop environment. Still the hardware seems to be premium stuff, as I’ll try to show you here.


Prices ranging from €729 to €849 is a bit steep I guess. I mean this is coming from a Spanish company and the Spaniards were never really known for quality products, were they? On the other hand those are real ultrabooks, so the quality has to be excellent and a tad higher prices are justified. Of course, it needs to be said, you can put all kinds of stuff on the Slimbook, not just KDE. It will happily install all Linuxes and … brrr, shudder … Windows too if you’re that way inclined. Guys, this is real serious hardware we’re talking about here. Not just some funny plasticky mini things for halfhearted Linux testing on Atom chips but real i5 and i7 computing power with lots of RAM and SSD storage.


Hmmm, what you say, gang? A happy Manjaro with Cinnamon desktop would sure look super sexy on your brand spanking new Slimbook, no?

And Sammie, see the screen size? 13.3″. Just like the Dell XPS 13! It’s the screen size du jour, it’s the size of ultrabooks all around the world, ffs! If you think it’s too small for you, go get new and better glasses. I got new prescription  glasses like 2 years ago and since then computer screens can’t be tiny and resolution not fine enough for me. And I’ll turn all sizes even further down on my screens. The smallest icons, the shallowest panels, the more minimacro the better. And I look so much more like a super clever geekgirl with them sexy things on my nose. Hubby calls me teacher or even headmistress or professor when I wear them. Isn’t that what we all  secretly wish from our husbandos? Showing some respect and acknowledgement of our intellectual prowess, our brainiac superiority, our awesomeness? \o/ Yeah! \o/

And no fear, it won’t stop us from being cute as buttons neither. =^.^=



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