USA is a Flawed Democracy :(


AMERICA, which has long defined itself as a standard-bearer of democracy for the world, has become a “flawed democracy” according to the taxonomy used in the annual Democracy Index from the Economist Intelligence Unit, our sister company. Although its score did not fall by much—from 8.05 in 2015 to 7.98 in 2016—it was enough for it to slip just below the 8.00 threshold for a “full democracy”. It joins France, Greece and Japan in the second-highest tier of the index. The downgrade was not a consequence of Donald Trump, states the report.

No news, no surprise. Really not. As a polebearer for democracy a country must be one thing in the first place: Democratic. And that is a bit of a problem when most of the population,  from president, via all the agencies, down to local luminaries and every little fat hillbilly, aren’t even fully convinced of the concept of democracy. And America and its western allies (namely the industrial military complex in all those countries) are as far removed from democratic principles as possible. So it’s no wonder our countries are rated down.

And, no, you can’t blame your bad standing on Trump alone. Of course he can’t and won’t do anything to help it become better but the country was in the same state long before he even anounced his candidacy.

I would’ve phrased the title line differently though. It’s not the declining trust in government to blame for denting the democracy … but the untrustworthy government itself! I hate it when journalists confuse the old principle of Cause and Effect.

In other words: We’re fucked!

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