Manjaro Cinnamon

Mörning guys,

before I start with another Manjaro Linux flavour let’s get another thing out of the way first. Regarding my “review” of Manjaro Budgie I received a comment by Solus/Budgie’s mastermind, Ikey Doherty himself. He wasn’t at all happy with little Orca’s writeup and he was partly right about it. Please read our convo over here. I made some errors and mistakes and apologized for them. It’s far down below the article, in comment section.

Now let’s get straight onto the next candidate of possible Manjaro flavours for you. FOR YOU!!! Okay? Got that? I ask you to pay special attention to this one as I regard Cinnamon one of the easy, yet nicely customizable, desktop environments. Base that on the  fantastic Manjaro foundation and you have the perfect system for when you hail from Windows and want to create a painless transition. Don’t get me wrong here please, Linux is decidely different from Windows and no transition is ever painless but with Cinnamon it’s been made as easy as humanly possible. Cinnamon is yet another brainchild of the Linux Mint team, and they are famous for creating friendly environments for human beings. And why should they make it any more complicated than  necessary, eh? We leave that shit to the Gnome3 devs and other brain artists. Well, contrary to the very similar MATE is Cinnamon based on Gnome 3 but a bit retroengineered and made friendler.

Ok, let’s see what we got here …

Manjaro/Cinnamon says hello in pretty much the same fashion as all the other official and community spins, with the welcome window. Close and forget it for now. It’ll always be there for you to reactivate. But you don’t need it now on your first tour.
But what you need to do now – right now! – is to run the initial update process. It’ll run in the background while you go on and explore your new home and change it to your liking. However there’s not much to do since Cinn is very complete and nice already fresh outta the box.
This should be your first stop. The System Settings, which are much more elaborate than the settings possible in Budgie and other systems. There are many more than just the ones visible in the pic but they aren’t overwhelmingly complicated … and you don’t have to change anything if you’re happy with the look and feel of your Cinnamon desktop as it is. So it’s in fact more of a funny playhouse than a necessity.
The Cinnamon desktop after some very mild Orcification. As you can see I shrunk the panel to be very shallow but added some of my fave programs to it, just as I always do in MATE as well. The result is a very sympathetic, simple and orderly desktop. It’s no wonder many more people are chosing Cinamon over MATE as their desktop of choice. This is a beautiful bastard, and it becomes ever better. I’m loving it! 🙂
Not even 5 minutes have passed since installation and we’re already being awesome, utilizing Firefox browser and the GIMP. Try that in Windows, I bet you a tenner. But hey, not that you think you’re restricted to these choices, they are just what comes with Cinnamon as standard issue. As this is Linux you may and are encouraged to install as many other web browsers and graphics apps and all kinds of stuff as you fancy. And how easy that is done I’ve shown you already before, didn’t I?

CONCLUSION: I admit I was never a big fan of the Cinnamon DE. It looks nice and stylish but my guruine told me and I experienced later: Cinnamon wasn’t very stable and not as customizable as the good old MATE. Even worse, it was a bit sluggish and not the fastest kid on the block. Even in Linux Mint, its original home where it serves as the main environment, it had a tendency to break after 4 or 5 updates. But this relatively new DE did mature nicely in the last couple years, was adopted into other systems (like for example Manjaro) and is doing very well from what I hear. I guess I’ll keep it for some time on MiniMe and will use it as secondary production system. It is definately a bit sleeker and moderner (!) than MATE so allow me to add Manjaro/Cinnamon to my short list of recommendations. Ugh, fuk it, if you’re going to try out Linux, right now, today, I’d say go for Manjaro/Cinnamon. It’s definately the flavour of the day. 🙂

Find the torrrent downloads for 32-bit and 64-bit right Here. If you don’t trust in torrents or don’t have the necessary software (yet) here are the Direct Downloads.

You know what I expect from you lovely fraggles, right? So get on with it. And do it now! Hey you! Yes you there. What’s your fukn problem? … ok, yaya, you might hurry to the pantry and grab your coffee but then no delay anymore! Download and install the shit on your hardware and become AWESOME! And, pleeze, be a bit careful with drinkies around your computer setup. Every small Ooopsie might end in tears, and we’re not particularly fond of that, are we?

As you might know I’m pretty much reachable on this computer all the friggin time. When I’m not out and about and sprinkle fairy dust across the RL neighbourhood, you can find me here. This machine more or less runs 24/7 so expect a reply by the wonderfully sexy editrix inside of 5 minutes up to maybe 2 hours. I promise you I won’t rest until you’re save and secure tucked in a warm and cuddly Linux blanket. If you don’t receive an answer inside of 3 hours I’m probably dead. Gardeners are busy in the complex today and there are some rumours about tragic lawnmower “accidents”, so don’t bother waiting for too long.

Laterz xoxoxo


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