We Are Stupid!


Verified! Very Stupid. Because we watch The 100. The 100 is so stupid it’s not worthy of an O@TV review, on the other hand it’s strangely fascinating. It’s like watching the most deadly and brutal trainwreck in history … in sloooooow moooootion! Oh, and then there was this:



The shortest, most unsexy and halfheartedly implemented bi-lesbian affair ever shown in TV, the fling between Clarke and Lexa was a pure vehicle to help with the quotas. It didn’t have any impact on the greater plot and characters and like so many other useless stuffs, The 100 didn’t need it to succeed. What The 100 would need is a better screenplay … and better actors pleeez!

Hubby and me are averagely intelligent, usually rational, mature bohemians and should be far beyond TV trash such as The 100. Still …


Hope springs eternal, right? And, yes, the quality of script became a bit better after season 2, just a tiny little bit, and production values are okay. But acting and dialogues are still on worst soapie level and characters are doing unbelievably illogical stupid things. And the worst is, they keep on repeating the same mistakes over and over again. And the characters are oh so wobbly, saying one thing but doing another. It’s very tiresome watching the 100 going nowhere.


Speaking of doing stupid things, I guess binge watching The 100 is one of those inexplainably stupid things too. 😦 Please tell me hubby and me are not alone! Please tell me you’re sharing this bad habit. And why.

Really looking forward to Season 4, which will start soonish …

Feb 1??? Oh oh oh, wasn’t there someting else going down on Feb 1?

Oh yes …



  1. ORCA stop watching such DROSS no wonder your will to live is waning
    Don’t worry be happy here’s a little song i wrote tra traaa laaa lahhhhhh


    • Oooh Sammie you gotta whistle that part instead of tralala-ing it. No wonder you failed as a pop star. 🙂

      Well, right now the TV series landscape looks rather bleak so we watch The 100 as a guilty-(un)pleasure. Mr. Robot 2nd season looks rather disappointing and we lost interest after the first episode already. Black Mirror season 2 wasn’t half as strong as season 1, now all our hopes are on The Expanse Season 2. Not so much on Vikings which gets also more silly from episode to episode. Let’s see how Black Sails will do next season …


    • Waiting for what, Foneco, The Expanse? Yeah, me too. And that’s all we can do, isn’t it? Can’t just say “Fuk, I don’t wait any longer, I watch it already now.” 🙂 LOL


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