Moontears Vought Passed Away. :(


Moonie @ TrYC calendar shot, 2009

Haven’t seeen or heard from Moonie in quite a long while. From time to time she commented on this blog, and our Autonomous Collective’s land is close by her vehicles store on the opposite side of the Little East River in Sansara. Super talented Moonie was one of the quieter people in the sailing community, spending most of her time building boats, cars and bikes and tinkering with scripts. I guess this made her more happy than cruising and partying with the loud and brash sailors.

Orca and Moontears @ The OrCafé, 2009

Eventhough we hardly had any inworld contact anymore in the last couple years, this hard suffering but super nice, gorgeous red head always remained in my friends list. She’ll be missed.

R.I.P. Moontears Vought


  1. If there is someone i will miss from Sl after i basically went out it’s moontears. The lady that learned me about sailing and racing in Sl when i was a noob.
    One of the best ‘friends’ i had. I knew this a bit longer and doubted to drop a message earlier. I’m glad i did not, because i think moontears would have liked it more quietly as things went now.
    Take care over there you all.

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    • Hi Armo, thx for responding to this post. I knew you and Moonie were close and I even expected a comment by you. Well, I only heard about Moonie’s passing from Ariel so the message hit me totally unprepared, out of the blue sky. Sorry if one blogpost was too loud for your taste but I think everyone deserves to be remembered one way or another. And Moonie will be remembered in a positive light, isn’t that a good thing?


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