Look at That!


No, not sweet Azusa Nakano but my new (and first) conky. If you dunno what a conky is, these are small little pseudo-practical info-thingies you add to your computer’s desktop environment. Experts define them as lightweight system monitor, which sounds like very important n shit.

Conky is a system monitor for X originally based on the torsmo code.
Example of another conky …

I always found them preposterous and needlessly showy. I think it’s something mom’s basement dwellers use to spruce up their Linux machines in order to achieve more hacker street cred. So I never had one installed on any of my machines. Mostly they are showing time and date and your PC’s temperatures and that’s it then. No need, since neither of my machines ever overheats. Not even in long and hot SL sessions, when the graphics card is running on best performance level. And that is due to me not overclocking my computer, but that’s another story altogether.

Side Conky v2.0 (Update for new Arch system) by JeSuisNerd on ...
… and yet another conky

So the other day I stumbled over this conky, called Cronograph Station BLK. And that thing is like really nice, round and small, styled like an analog watch and features even a 3 day weather forecast. And that thing is soo cool, predicted rain for today and just 5 minutes ago … it started raining!

... very beautiful conky setups for your linux desktop ~ Linux and Life
And a rather weird but beautiful conky


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