World Sailing Show: February 2017

Weird eh? It’s only the 23rd of January and we already get to watch the Feb edition of the World Sailing Show. If only Syfy would do the same with The Expanse. 🙂



And again we get to see a nicely edited and narrated kaleidoscope of races that happened all around the globe. Even if you’re only sailing in SL and never participate in any regatta I consider this show a Must See!




    • Thx Luna. I only found the World Sailing Show myself a few months ago and I’m honestly not too much into racing and record hunting as I consider these things “unsailorish”. But still I love to watch sailing boats of all kinds doing their stuff on the water.
      What do you mean with “keep separation between boats”? It’s easy, they all look distinctly different, don’t they? I mean of course they don’t in one-design classes like the stupid Laser or Hobie Cat or sumfink. Also why should I seperate them? Everybody’s sitting on their own boats and sails it. End of story, no?


    • Which we do in RL as well, in times of emergency. Apart from that, nooo. In dinghy races you try to save weight and don’t carry heavy beer cans around with you. You’ll gladly accept beers and a pea soup from the race committee during breaks at the beach but that’s kinda it.


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