I Guess I Said it Before

… but this article – from a man, so a real expert – makes it abundantly clear why all your excuses not to switch to Linux have no argumentative weight.


Yes, you are! You just didn’t know it yet because …

My friend Joe Collins won’t give up his mission of trying to pull you over to the light side. If you thought Orca is a terribly persevering Linux propagandist, just read this article and then be happy and grateful to be an Orcablog subscriber were only a small minority of articles are about Linux but most are about Second Life … or at least it used to be  like that and will be again. Just gimme a few days.

Anyhoo, read Joe’s totally true opinion peace and marvel in his expertise and righteousness. And end up being convinced you just got to install Linux on all your PCs, right now and not a second to spare!

If you’ve got further questions just ask your old friend Orca, she’ll set you up and get you going.

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