Dell Does it Again


Seems Dell are on a roll right now, delivering preinstalled Linux machines in all product categories and can’t do anything wrong. Particularly their posh little XPS 13 laptop has become a favourite of the masses. And that despite its rather hefty price tag. I mean 949 US$ for the cheapest model is a whammy, right?

Is it worth the money? Let me put it this way: Do you want to use the best possible tools for your daily work, or do you want to pay just enough to get by? If, like me, your answer is you want the best to be the best, then you’ll get the XPS 13, and you’ll be glad you did.

Oh my. Ohmyohmy. What I really think about Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols is nobody’s concern but let me put it this way, as friendly as I can: He’s a cheap hack, compromised by the industry, writing for a third tier website and trying his best to never appear like a critical thinking individual but only like a good sheeple. Anyway, Orca too thinks that the Dell XPS13 is a great machine. She’d take one that is like 2 years old by now not only to save on money but because I guess the hardware was better back then.

Anyhoo, I’m not getting paid for peddling office machines so make of Orca’s opinion what you want. 🙂


    • But Sammie, we both know size don’t matter, right? At least that’s what hubby’s always telling me. No, honest, 13″ is like the perfectest size for mobile computers. This thing ain’t concipated as a desktop replacement. But it’s formidably well put together – Apple would be proud of it – and contains the latest chips n stuffz, Apple would be soooo jealous. 😉


  1. 13 inch is lousy unless,you want to tinker in some text stuff 15 is ok my macbook is 17 i don’t need or want fancy fingermarked grubby marks of a dumb assed touchscreen sheesh i’m forever wiping my boiler phone across my blouses trying to see thru the grime

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    • Yes, to the touchscreen, they are useless shit.
      But no to 15 and 17 inch screens, they for me are useless as well. Let me explain: At home I have desktops, and the bigger the screen the better. So maybe I could accept your love for 15/17″ laptops if you’re mainly using them as desktop replacements. But that’s not what people are buying the XPS13 for, absolutely not. Del has enough 15 and 17 inchers in their lineup, but the little 13 is a special snowflake.

      You remember how laptops started out in the 80s? They were mostly around 12″ and smaller. It was for years the most used screen size. Hell, our desktop screens weren’t much bigger than that neither. And they had resolutions of 648 x 720 or so, so everything on screen was super huge and you could show even less content. The Dell XPS 13 has a minimum resolution of 1080×1920, so you can show the same amount of stuff on that small screen as I do on my 24″ desktop screen. So all is good if you’re able to see the fine details.

      And you know how I got started in SL? On a Fujitsu-Siemens 12″ subnotebook without any dedicated graphics. It didn’t meet LLs minimum requirements, still I used it for over a year before I upgraded to an Asus 15″ with a resolution of 900 x 1440 and dedicated Radeon graphics. It was an eye-opening experience, I can tell you. 😉

      Anyhoo, the XPS 13 is not made for SL-ing but for dry and sober working. Must work on airplane and train folding tables. And for that it’s great. And you can even play one or the other game on it. Just don’t expect any wonders in SL.

      But now let me tell you why the XPS13 is really so expensive: It is a fukn status symbol! People are willing to pay the prices now that Apple products becoming less and less adorable. Good high class technology producers like Dell are standing in line and dragging their feet, ready to take over. I see particularly Dell, Lenovo and Asus are speculating on that market segment.


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