Clicked a Dead Link by Accident

The Manjaro Gazette had overstayed its welcome and has gone dead already some monthes ago. Dunno why, maybe nostalgia or a hope dies last notion of mine, prevented me from scrapping the link tho. And today, while browing thru my Linux bookmarks I kinda slipped and clickered on the old dead linkage and …


Uiuiuiiiii … another Manjaro fanboi trying to blog about Manjaro despite the fact that their website offers pretty much everything anyone  wants to ever know about Manjaro Linux, ArchLinux and Linux in general. Is it Jean Paul Wohlscheid again? That lovable fool just doesn’t know when too much is just too much. If it’s some other fraggle, well, good riddance to him. Some ppl just won’t learn from the failures of others. :/

Ok, let’s just wait and see how the new blog will fare once it arrives. I’m for one am always happy to see any Linux related websites, even more happy about ArchLinux related sites and Manjaro is very special, and dear and near to my heart. I just can’t see the need of a whole dedicated blog to it. That’d be like the mostest one-trickiest one-trick pony ever and I predict a very short lifespan for that publication. And that colour scheme is already killing me: Manjaro BARF green and pinkish red reeks too much like Torley Linden’s water melon fetish.


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