You Can’t Make It Up

Dunno if you’ve ever heard the German term “Realsatire”, it describes a real life situation that is so totally absurd, not even comedy screenplay writers wouldn’t think of it. And yet it happened to me when hubby sent me this following article:


When I asked hubby if this is a comedy website he just shook his head and assured me that Defense One is as true and evil as I think it is. They are the real thing, true believers in … their own shit and lies.

The Putin hackers lie was already long dismissed as a fabrication when Defense One posted that crap. As to what purpose we can only speculate. LOL 🙂 Now I had the link floating around my bookmarks for at least a full week but finally couldn’t hold in my anger any longer and had to show it to you guys. Now you make of it what you want. Have fun. 🙂

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