Sick and Tired

Orca loves Linux

Naaaw, not really. Just not in the mood, not feeling like logging in world right now. Gimme some more days off, ok? I swear I’ll be back soon and bring you stories from SL, maybe go on another camping trip with one of my altsisters or even with tittymonster Rose. Gotta find out how she’ll push her masses into the confined space of the Volkswagen Samba Bus. 😉

Rose Brightflame wants to go on a camping trip with Orca

But until then please allow me to irritate entertain myself you with my radicaldemocratic, ultraleftist politics and … Linux stories. \o/ YAY! \o/

Orca doesn’t wanna be in SL right now


  1. BUT wasn’t Orcsy saying recently she was getting back inworld and going to start organising sailing races again Yipppeee thought all at TrYC maybe it was pie in the sky Maybe it’s the daunting task of a stupid bento head that looks sooooo f@@king stupid on a non bento viewer sends Orca some multi vitamin pills and a motivational video i couldn’t be bothered to watch 👍

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    • You seem to understand what I’m going thru right now, Sammie. Thx for your understanding. Having kinda the obligation to get the total mesh/bento makeover now has a kinda paralyzing effect on me. But you’re right, I should slowly get my shit together and get on with SL. Pheeeew …


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