Now Let’s Sort That Out

… once and for all! I mean after 104 years it’s time for a sober analysis, no?


punch long rum punch velvetbomb punch punch a la romaine house punch ...
Speaking of punch …

Well, as refreshing as it is to read this analysis from a German perspective, it’s not completely accurate. Everybody at that time was horny for a war, Germany no less than anybody else. They were new to the colonial game and compared to British, French and Belgian colonies the German colony consisted of a sausage factory somewhere deep in the African jungle. But they were building huge industries and quite an impressive fleet, so England was totally hot to show those newcomers who really rules the waves. Let’s not forget the spirit of the time, with all the new technologies. Mankind, for the first time ever, was invincible, their ships, i.e. Titanic, were unsinkable, they had motor cars and even planes, their weapons were automatic and of never before seen destructive power. Time to show the rest of the world how clever and advanced we are, right?




In fact my guess is that England was the driving force behind the start of WW1 and Germany, over eagerly, tripped into their trap. They wanted to trip in the trap as they had to prove something too.


Now America’s role was that of a clever business man. With a minimum of effort they managed to get England deep into debt and losing their empire. America just had to take over. Russia was busy with itself, Italy and Austria went back to mountain climbing, and France was baking baguettes. And  the dangerous upstart Germany was paralyzed and disabled forever. Until a certain Hitler came along … and the rest is history.

Impressive ‘stache, Bill

Kinda agreeable theory?

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