Manjaro Budgie

Next up in my little series about all the different Manjaro flavours is Budgie, a kinda new desktop environment that’s all the rage now in the Linux community. Geez, I wonder why. But see for yourself if that little birdie is for you … or not.

But first let’s drive Orca crazy with a rather lenghty initial update. 😦 All I wanted to do was sending screenshots from MiniMe to MiniMax but first needed to install Thunderbird. Budgie doesn’t come with an email program … Can you believe that shit?

My first impression isn’t a positive one, I can tell you. While Budgie is as lightweight as possible and doesn’t even supply you with the most necessary customizing tools it isn’t very spunky or speedy. I mean it’s ok, a bit slow to react but that’s maybe because it’s so freshly installed and many apps not even launched once.

Here it is, Manjaro Budgie after installation. As typical for Manjaro and many other distros we see a mostly useless welcome screen. Close it and make it so it never appears again.


‘kay, much better … or is it? Nothing against lightweight distros but this is like very primitive and empty. Menu, Firefox, some chat program, the file manager and of course the terminal. That’s all you get, and usually it would be enough … but please read on.

This is the settings folder. A thing that is usally full to the brim with stuff to tinker, experiment and play with, is like super bereft of all the fun stuff in Budgie. 😮 Couldn’t even find something to add friendlier icons or an alternative wallpaper to get rid of this depressing grey. After 10 minute of probing I finally found one more, some typically buttfugly Manjaro green leaf shit. :/ So Manjaro Budgie supplies you with two wallpapers. Two were most other distros give you hundreds … or at least a handful. Ok, Orca don’t care, she always uses her own wallpapers but what about the poor noobs?
Here is the green wallpaper. But what I really wanted to show you is how lightweight in excess gets to the total opposite effect. Ikey saved using an image viewer, yes, but abusing the ultra heavy GIMP for the simple task of showing a simple photos is more than just counterproductive, it’s downright damaging your ultralight approach.
Best thing about this desktop environment is the pretty cool Brisk menu. But, as we have seen, it’s available in other, better desktops too. For example in Orca’s own MATE. =^.^=

What I find most weird is the fact that Ikey, the Solus Linux bosschief, who invented the Budgie desktop, switched his own distro to the much nicer MATE by now. Isn’t he that convinced by his own creation anymore? Be that as it may, as much as I admire Ikey for his ingenuity and the clever stuff he’s coming up with all by his own, and as sympathetic as Budgie is on first glance, as a simple environment for older computers and netbooks and stuff, its lack of modability renders it undesirable for Orca. Sorry Ikey, after Solus now Budgie misses the mark as well. At least for me it does. 😦



  1. I mean no disrespect, and I won’t question your performance claims because those were your experiences, maybe not mine, his or hers but they were yours and nobody should question that. However, there are some things that need to be pointed out. You didn’t even mention raven one time, the side control panel that would be one of budgies main features (also where you can easily change those things mentioned). Also, yes Ikey and Solus now support Mate, and yes they developed the brisk menu but if you follow Ikey on social media at all you know that he hasn’t abandoned budgie or switched to Mate, Budgie is the desktop he runs as his every day driver and Budgie is still the flagship desktop of Solus.

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    • Thx very much for your clarifying comment, Anon. I didn’t mention Raven for reasons:

      1) I didn’t know it existed before you mentioned it in your comment
      2) I don’t use side panels at all, in fact I hate them with a passion. Why do we need an addtional bar at all to get to all the settings? Why can’t I find them all in the Settings menu?
      3) it didn’t come with Manjaro/Budgie fresh out of the box, so from a new user’s perspective it may as well not exist

      Budgie’s pretty bad performance might be due to the fact that my test machine is an older i5-650 with only 4 GB of RAM but it surprised me as well. Usually that old plonker handles all Linuxes I throw at it with ease. It’s from before the Secure Boot/UEFI age, so it’s perfect for Linux. Maybe Budgie just doesn’t harmonize with Manjaro/Arch, who knows?

      Also I usually don’t follow social media. I read blogs and look at websites and fori, but that’s as far as my social side goes. What system/DE Ikey runs on his own computer is no concern of mine. It’s not my business to know, as I come with my own set of problems and special snowflake requirements.

      See, this is a Second Life blog first and foremost, Linux is just a side project here. I’m trying to convince other SL residents to abandon their Windows shit and come on over to the Linux side. So we have a kinda different approach to Linux than the usual one, which is that of computer geeks. We’re virtual world nerds and view our operating systems from a totally utilitarian pov. Shit’s gotta work. And it must be like super baby easy peasy if Linux wants to have a slight chance to ever succeed in SL.

      I did a couple writeups on Solus already but it always failed to convince me 100%. Ok, I gotta admit I’m a creature of habit, slow to adapt, not curious about tech but just want shit to function adorably and getting out of my way in daily computing. Maybe Solus is a bit like Orca in so far that it needs a bit more time to mature and become 100% usable for me.

      Thx again xoxoxoox


      • Hi. Kinda unsure why you’re putting the blame on me for the application selection and performance of Manjaro. I build the desktop, which I should point out that Manjaro uses neither the stock desktop nor the most up to date.

        You also make very serious and untrue claims that somehow Budgie is dead, which isn’t true. In fact there is a blog post going up on the newly christened website to explain exactly how we’re approaching Budgie 11. Solus offers multiple desktops, which again, has nothing to do with Manjaro.

        I see a lot of spite and venom in your post, but very few truths. May want to tone it down and address blame to the right parties.

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        • Ikey, first let me say what an honour it is to have the bossman himself not only reading some unrelated bloggy but even commenting on it. Thx for the opportunity to converse with you directly.

          I wrote in an earlier article about Solus/Budgie that it wasn’t to my taste and needs as well, so we can’t push all the blame on Manjaro. I didn’t know, I didn’t care to know, that Manjaro community devs used an older version and made it so sparse. I, as an end user, am usually not supposed to even know these things. I download a software and expect it to work.
          So these reviews of Solus aren’t always full of favourable fluff but they are honest:

          And you must have noticed that 4 stories, just about Solus OS are already a sign of how much hope I put in your system. I think no other Linux, not even my beloved Manjaro/MATE, was mentioned more often in my blog. I wrote that I liked the concept of both, Solus and Budgie and predict a great future for this pair … and that I really adore the Brisk menu. Swapped out my standard 3-tier MATE menu for Brisk and couldn’t be happier.

          As always, and as should be clear for any blog reader, all wrong and inaccurate infos in my blog are mine and mine alone. In so far I apologize for the wrong assumption that you’ve abandoned Budgie and that the Manjaro retainer took it 1:1 from Solus. Ikey, I’m very sorry for that. If you could now have your installer taking care of the largest language group in the EU, German/QWERTZ, I and all users in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, parts of Belgium, South Tyrol, parts of Elsace, probably had a better impression right from the start.

          Sorry again and looking forward to a great future for Solus and Budgie.

          Laterz xoxoxo


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