Girls, What Are We Playing?


Kinda interesting statistics about women in gaming, what and why we play certain games and others not. OK, the results aren’t really surprising anyone I guess, but nice to know anyway. What became clear was that statistics are just rough trends and don’t really say much about gamer girls in general. What we’re playing is mostly just a decision based on personal taste.

Most interesting about this article are the reader replies, for example this:

Really polarizing but, that’s more to do with girls being ….gasp, human! Different! With varying opinions! :V

\o/ YAY! \o/ Congratz to Kotaku reader Snotnarok for having figured out that little known fact.

I can tell you Orca plays Free Cell, Quadrapassel (Tetris clone) and Second Life and ain’t really a gamer girl at all. Since SL ain’t a game! I hope we can all agree on that.


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