Manjaro Cinnamon

So much Manjaros, so many wow! My fave, MATE, is behind Budgie, Cinnamon, Deepin, Gnome and the i3 window manager only the 6th most beloved flavour. And I guess the original versions, Xfce, KDE and Net are downloaded even more often than any of the community efforts. So much for the validity of Orca’s arguments.

You’ve seen yesterday’s post about Manjaro Xfce, and I had the grand idea of showing you some more flavours of this great Linux distribution. So today let’s have a look at the Cinnamon desktop environment and find out if it’s any good.

Originally cooked up by the boys around Clement Lefebvre for the Linux Mint project, and serving as their default flavour … alongside MATE, it’s very very similar to the Gnome 2 fork. Main difference between Cinnamon and MATE is that Cinn is based on the much more modern Gnome 3 code. That’s a perfect approach, as the Mint guys have tried, and largely succeeded in, working around Gnome 3’s restrictions and lack of freedumz.

Yet in Linux Mint I found Cinn to be a bit slow and also not very stable. And it lacks some of MATE’s customizability. Emotionally I prefer MATE’s careful evolution of Gnome 2 over the radical changes the Gnome 3 team inflicted on Gnome, In fact they destroyed a lot and totally changed Gnome’s paradigm. As my guruine once said: “By making Gnome 3 a system for mobile devices they are destroying Gnome for the desktop.”

Fortunately with the invention of Cinnamon the Mint team found some nice workarounds for Gnome 3’s restrictions. It’s now almost as customizable as MATE, and a lot more modern looking … for whatever that’s worth.

So why and how could Cinnamon make such a big splash in the Linux scene? Easy answer: By being the default desktop of the most beloved Linux distro and most people being lazy and uninformed. Yeah, Linuxers aren’t that much different from Windows and MacOS users afterall. And we gotta admit it, Cinnamon is a beautiful little bastard. No reason not to be happy with Cinn on your hardware.


Clem’s release note

I’m more interested in the differences between Mint’s original version and Manjaro’s interpretation of the Cinnamon environment, and if it’s hopefully a bit more stable and spunky on the Arch base. Mint came out with a lot of new spices to Cinnamon just on January 20, and I have no idea if Manjaro’s community edition is on track with the latest features. Let’s find out, shall we?

After the pretty uneventful installation Cinamon says Hello with this desktop. What’s the difference between this and MATE or Xfce, you ask? Not much to be honest, as the differences are mainly under the hood so to say.
As we can see already the Cinnamon maintainer broke with Manjaro’s Corporate Identity green and went for a decent neutral brownish wallpaper and a dark window theme.
After some slight modding the desktop looks already more to Orca’s liking. Guess I’ve only changed the wallpaper yet.
The filemanager in Cinnamon is Nemo and is already nicer than Xfce’s Thunar. Orca still prefers Caja, so basta.
This is more or less Orca’s workable desktop after 5 minutes of slight customizing. There is actually not too much one can change anyway, less than in Xfce but altogether I don’t know how to describe it, and it’s very subjective anyway, but in Cinnamon I feel ten times better than in Xfce. If there wasn’t a MATE already I guess Cinnamon would be my desktop! Love its simplicity.
Some more mods later we’re already installing the first update to a much more friendly desktop and are ready to be awesome.

Yeah, as I wrote it’s hard to describe and like a totally subjective notion but Cinnamon isn’t Linux Mint’s default desktop for no reason. Congratz for Clem and his team for coming up with this desktop environment. As with all their other small touches n menus n stuffz they are so good in feeling out what the users want and need. The operation is more logical and easy than in Xfce, and even comparable to MATE. Cinnamon makes a girl feel all warm and fuzzy inside and is as easy to grasp and feel at home in right away.

Highly recommend trying Cinnamon if you’re looking for a traditional desktop experience as you know it from Windblows … and if your PC ain’t a slouch. :/

And you know, right? You know you have to come over to the Linux side of life. That’s why you’re reading all of Orca’s stupid Linux scribbles, so you can already develop a feeling for the X. And you’ll not regret it! Sooner or later, let’s give Microsoft one or two more opportunities to fuk up majorly, and you’ll be here, on this side. And we’ll welcome you with open arms and give you more than just an exile. We’ll provide you with a shiny new home! A better one than the one you’re coming from. Fully furnished with central heating, home entertainment system, microwave, sex bed and a fridge full with beer milk n brownies. 😉


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