Good News


Dell, who’d have thunked about them taking a leading role as premade Linux hardware supplier? And they make huge profits doing so! After just taking the crown with building The Fukn Linux Laptop of the Year (XPS13 being used by non other than Linus Torvalds himself) they are expanding their range into servers and super über powerful workstations but also economic lap- and desktops.


You may be wondering why we’re now seeing so many Ubuntu laptops and PCs being sold direct from Dell. The answer is simple: because they sell.


My main question is this: If even industry heavyweights like DELL are selling Linux hardware, and making a killing from it, how are you … how dare you still fuzzing around on your stupid Windblows crappola? Explain that to the world! Now pack your stuff and come on over. We’re waiting. Last one to arrive is a homo! 🙂

Macsters are excused for now, as they already are halfways on Linux and nobody takes them seriously anyway. 😉

If you wanna see the full interview …

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