Suckers Backflip

Don’t tell us it was technical problems!

Facebook’s restriction to allow RT to post text content only was apparently linked to live-streaming rights. RT was streaming the Obama press conference broadcast from an AP direct feed, to which it is officially subscribed. The agency has confirmed to RT the issue “must have been… on [Facebook’s] end.”

According to the Facebook bot, the restrictions were originally set to last until Saturday 10:55pm Moscow time (2:55pm EST).


Connected to the affair are other news …


Just in case you don’t understand Russian, here’s the headline:

Roskomnadzor has threatened reprisals …

Roskomnadzor is the Russian telecom regulator, like the States’s FCC. And if they are of the same mindset I see some problems coming along for Zuckerberg’s juvenile website. And if you wonder how the Russians will fare without Facebook, well it’s no monopoly is it? There is always VKontakte to keep the Russki younglings happy.

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