Not for you, dummy. But for me it’s very interesting to peek at the Distrowatch charts every once in a while. Welcome to the strangely fascinating world of Linux.


I find it fascinating to watch Manjaro’s slow climb into the top echelons of Linux distributions. Sitting comfortably on #5 now is proof of my theory that it doesn’t need a super easy made for n00bs distro like Linux Lite or other childish Ubuntu distros to become a champion of the masses. Manjaro’s qualities speak for themselves.


Whoa? Hey, this upwards trend of Manjaro becomes even more equivalent when looking at its performance during the last 7 days. Manjaro jumped to #3! And passed The Linux per se, Ubuntu and the grandmother openSUSE, and pushed them down to #4 and #5 respectively.

Wallpapers HD de Manjaro [propios] | Mundo Linux

\o/ YAY! Quality! \o/

We leave the Ubuntu deluxe, Mint and grandfather/mother Debian at their well-earned top two positions … for now. 😉

Manjaro Pantheon 2015.08 Screenshots Tour


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