10 Years of Orca Flotta

First ever photo of 2 or 3 days old Orca, January 2007


Naaaaw. I don’t think it’s justified, having been inworld only a couple times in the last year or so. I guess there aren’t even enough people in SL who still know my name. Yet 10 years in SL is quite a long time, no?

SLU forums, where I never participate and never read (bad girl me) remembered my birfday. Cool, thanks so much.

So yesterday I went on a little safari through my photo files in inventory and grabbed some oldold photos of youngyoung Orca.

You’ll see photos of my times in Mowry (MBYC, MBCC) and Triumphal (TrYC), as LCC cruise director, some evidence of my time as a land seller/estate manager for Serena Estates, and more prominently as manager/owner of the OrCafé, my private hangout, party place and art gallery.

Yeah, indeed I did quite a lot of stuff, lived in many different places and followed different career pathes during my time. Today I’m just a slacker who can’t be bothered with anything. Not even with throwing a party for my 10th anniversary.



  1. some good photos BUT i won’t ask what you were up to in seethru latex and what looks like old bondage shackles the mind boggles so don’t shatter my issusion

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    • SamSamSammie, I’m not denying to be in the possession of an extended – if fairly outdated – collection of latex clothes. Even some shackles and cuffs and collars, like every female SL resident with some taste and style. Don’t tell me you got none. But I just checked again and can assure you there are no latex clothes visible in any of the photos. Dunno where you thought you’ve seen any. I know I’m wearing a leather overall that shows one breast in a spaceship photo and as you’ve surely noticed I’m topless in some other photos, but nothing sexual is going on here.


  2. Congratulation of a decade in SL! But don’t expect any acknowledgement from Linden Labs. They sure didn’t even email me when I hit ten. You would think they would say something to someone who has been helping support them for a decade but NO. They seem a bit more friendly now so maybe they will increase your stipend but don’t hold your breath.

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    • Thx Willow.

      No, I don’t expect anything from LL. I mean why should they acknowledge anything? It’s not like I’m paying my annual fee and would’ve gone on paying tier as well if they wouldn’t be so idiotic landlords. And it’s not as if they’d have me in their database … oh wait. They do have me in their database and could have some automatic system sending out rezday congratz to all residents. Actually, like almost every forum and every online store, club or whatever do. But no, LL is too arsefucked to even congratulate on milestone anniversaries.
      But, yeah, a higher stipend would be awesome. Otoh I’m already getting richer and richer, even with the sparse 300 l$/week stipend. Not nearly often enough in world to spend it on expensive stuff. I will start the next days to mutate into a mesh and bento avie … but Trappy already paid for my transformation, so … yeah. More money than time to spend it. 😉 Oh, now I know, once I’m in a mesh body I guess I need new clothes as well, right? Cool, there is an opportunity to spend some cash.

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      • Of course its sooooo difficult to have program check for significant dates in a database. It might take all of five minutes! But that’s less time for money grubbing.

        I’ve gotten disgusted with LL’s land pricing and gotten rid off all my land except a small house where some friends and I can change clothes.

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        • I don’t think it’ll take even 5 minutes as these things function fully automagically.
          And, yes, I was disgusted with LL and tossed my lovely 8192 on which I had the OrCafé for some years. So you moved into a Linden home? Ughh, no, I’m still too proud to move into that ghetto. Took some 512s and always moved away when I thought I’d found something nicer. Right now sharing a little bit bigger parcel directly at the Little East River with Trap, Lucy and Sammie. We even have a dock. 🙂


  3. wow Orcs turns mesh beware the bento head singularity doesn’t support it
    good luck with the transformation and yes, an entire new wardrobe i’m afraid
    but shoppings fun isn’t it…..?????


  4. actually out of all the looks over the years the photo woth the red braids is without doubt the most attractive of them all.
    As for mesh bodies i’ll be glad to help if you wish i habe been using mesh since the first came out and I really like and have been able to do some great stuff. I’d stay away from the heads though.

    Let me know if you have questions, I’ll be glad to help.


    • Naaaw, it’s ok, Maiti. Maybe you know Trappy gifted me a lotta money with which I was sposed to purchase a mesh body and a bento noggin … I just gavce it back to her a couple days ago. I could never get around actually buying body and head. Not interested enoughb to spend any time wit stuff like that. I am beautiful as I am, and truly one of a kind.


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