Big Fun with Little Hollywood


Even a double pack of fun. As a self-appointed movie reviewer I didn’t have much fun with the real Hollywood lately (meaning its movie industry) so I like everything on my computer that has anything to do with Hollywood. And there is also the second fun aspect of this which I’m gonna show you now.


You know as Linux user you’re automatically a hacker. Good or evil, criminal or legal doesn’t matter, you’ll always be seen in this twilight zone of shady, hardly legal business of “hacking”, typing endless lines of codes into your terminal.


Mhm, we all know this character from  countless Hollywood and TV dramas. Eventhough this hardly ever mirrors neither what we’re doing with our computers nor how we’re doing what we’re doing. But please, if Hollywood so desperately wants to cast us in that light and shroud us in sexy secrecy … ok, they shall have it.


Just was hinted on a small little program app called Hollywood, which you install in Ubuntu in some pfff complicated way I haven’t figured out yet. Maybe it’s in the repo, who knows? And Hollywood’s also available from the AUR in ArchLinux systems. That’s really easypeasy and goes somehow like this:

Open terminal and type in: yaourt hollywood. Then type in the corresponding number, in our case the #7.
Just wait a little while and watch the program getting installered, hit the Enter key when prompted to do so. It’ll happen a couple times, no panic. At one point you must even type in your username. So make sure you remember your own username, please. If you’ve forgotten it I don’t see a great future for you in Linux. Anyhoo, once install is finished just type in hollywood and …
… enjoy your terminal automagically filling up with always changing technobabble. Looks impressive, right? You are the boss haxxor!!!
To make it even more Hollywoody, this app will entertain you with the Mission Impossible soundtrack.
The drama!!! The suspense!!! And all on your top secret hacker screen.
Of course, as a good hacker on boss level you set your terminal to full screen mode, so you can better decipher all the nonsensical babble that happens right in front of your nose.


So, if that hasn’t been the bestest and mostest convincing argument for you to finally switch to Linux then I don’t know what’s wrong with you. On Linux you’ll have more funz! Really.

Hackers wallpaper #15071



  1. well if that’s fun then i might have to shoot myself
    OHH i forgot to say i got a new drone for xmas and i haven’t flown it into a tree YET


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