What Software Does Orca Use?

Have I ever told you? Ya, of course I use Linux … pffff. That’s not what I mean. Linux is the Operating System, just like your Windows or MacOS. But what programs, or apps, as the younglings say nowadays, am I using on top of it? Let me show you my daily riders in no special order or sequence:

My most surprising choice right in the beginning is Ghostwriter. As I figured out a while ago I don’t really need a fully equiped office suite anymore, actually never needed one in the first place. All I need is the writer module, and from that just a simple texter. So Ghostwriter is ideal for my needs, fast and small like Orca herself.

Just the right amount of formatting tools but no distractions in Ghostwriter


But, just because 99% of users still want something Office-ish, here is a glimpse onto something very familiar to most of us. Libre Office (formerly Open Office) is like 99% compatible with MS Office and doesn’t need to hide. In fact I’m using free and open source office suites all my life and have never worked in MS Office if not ordered so:

Libre Office’s Writer module is a very nifty and complete text program. And completely over-engineered


Next up, since I just made a screenshots of other programs, I’m using whatever screenshot app comes with the Operating System. I just checked, it doesn’t even have a real name. But this is how it looks like in Manjaro MATE:

Grab whole screen, active window or define the size of your screenshot yourself is all the functionality one needs when doing screenshots


Don’t get me wrong when I tell you how important the Terminal is. It is only for me and most other older and more settled Linux users. For you starters there is no need to ever type a single command in the terminal, really not!

MATE Terminal is … pfff, basically the same as every other Linux terminal in every other Linux desktop. You can write lines of code into it. Big deal


In the same category as the Terminal, system tools, falls Pluma, MATE’s very own text editor. It’s predominantly made to edit system files and misses some niceties of the kinda similar Ghostwriter.

Same as Terminal, chances are you’ll never have to encounter this editor. But it’s there when you need it


GParted is another legendary system tool, probably the most famous of them all. Nobody needs it daily but it’s very important when you gotta partition your various hard drives and SSDs. So basically only once in your computer’s lifetime:

Ok, Orca needs it more often and keeps GParted in her panel for when she plays with USB sticks and external drives


Another nifty little thing is Isousb, a USB stick creator that really works. With Isousb you can make a bootable installation medium in like 2 minutes. Reliable and fast. Isousb is at home in the Manjaro realm but other Linuxes have similar apps:

This is how Orca can install so many different Linux distros without effort

Speaking about small and nifty, Galculator is an integral part of any Linux distro, so you’re never without your trusty nerd symbol.

Extra points for whomever can tell me what the calculation task was. 🙂


Of course is my Manjaro MATE installation much too mature and earnest to contain any games but silly Orca installed some by herself:

Here for example the alltime favourite of the masses: Free Cell
Or the similarly beloved Quadrapassel, which some of you may know by another name


The GIMP is one of the traditionally strong  pieces of multiplatform free and open source softwares. Orca used it already when she was still on Windows, and so can you. 😉

GIMP is much, much too powerful and confusing for my humble needs but I can do them as well with this super fancy software


The most famous and almighty media player has to be VLC (Video Lan Converter). This Swiss Army Knife of media players plays every movie and music in every conceivable format and is of course Orca’s weapon of choice:

VLC even plays stupid American cartoon flicks


Most torrent freaks nowadays have switched to easier, more lightweight and primitive apps but Orca uses the old heavyweight pirate tool qBittorrent, which gives her all the conceivable options:

No qBittorrent, no O@tM!

My most beloved music player, ha sstopped working. Dunno what happened, maye the dev has given up. Now I’m using the even more lightweight and functionless Pragha player.

Pragha’s not particularly good but came with the system and … yes, it works


Of course the modern SL resident needs at least two viewers, right? Mine are even both in the AUR, which is a great resource.

Firestorm/Phoenix and Singularity are the only SL viewers orca uses


Last but in no way least, my two most often used softwares: Everybody needs a mailer, right? I chose the good old Thunderbird for that task, which it manages exemplary.

Internet = communication = emails


For all my browsing needs I never strayed off Firefox. And why should I? It’s fast, almost overequipped with a lot of shit and gives me all I need and want and more:

Let all the younglings go for Chrome and Chromium and Chromixium, Orca sticks with the always true and super reliable Firefox


That were basically all my favourite programs. Noticed something? Yes, for the most part they are kinda identical clones of Windows programs … or mostly it’s the other way round. Many FOSS softwares wer first and foremost developed for the Unix and Linux world and only later were ported to the Windows system.

But best and most important fact about all these tool, apps, softwares, whatever you wanna call it, is that they are completely free!


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