On Heavy Rotation: Xenia Rubinos


Hmmm, no. Maybe it’s too much to say I’d have Xenia Rubinos on heavy rotation, like 24/7 around the clock and all the time. Her music and her voice and singing style is just a bit too peculiar, too jazzy, too nervous, too full of attitude, too non-straight.


That being said, this lady from Brooklyn (I guess) just oozes musical talent from every pore of her body. And that is cool. Listening to her demands attention, she cannot be ignored. That’s why I can’t stand listening to Xenia Rubinos for longer than 2 – 3 songs. But that short listening time, guys, it’s intense!

I dunno much about this young lady apart from her musicality and the praise she gets from critics and fans. And I guess it’s well-earned. Watch her playing live and witness the little fireworks for yourself. Of course her overly bubbly stage persona can be a tad much but, well, as I said ignore the theatralics and don’t overdoze on Xenia and all is ok. 🙂

Xenia Rubinos

Her band consists mainly of herself on vocals/keyboards/bass, a super tight drummer and a bassist. Sometimes a guitarist, but usually she plays in the typical jazz trio-formation. And that’s usually enough as 3 people can produce a lot of noise. Quality noise in the case of Xenia Rubinos.

Xenia Rubinos

Xenia Rubinos lança clipe para "Lonely Lover" - Monkeybuzz

Xenia Rubinos begeistert bei Enjoy Jazz - Kultur Regional - Rhein ...

Now Playing: Xenia Rubinos' Funky Bands + Brews Session - Baeble Music


xenia rubinos

xenia rubinos

Xenia Rubinos: Originalidad y atrevimiento | La Banda Elastica



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