Feminists :(

Okay, you all know that I don’t like men, in general … but some of you may know that I don’t like women neither. And contary to men they’re unable to redeem themself. Look at the latest feminist plot here:



Yes yes, they are sooooo right. It’s just not fair how women are treated at the workplace while men enjoy all their male privileges.


I think if these women warriors would stay home instead of struggling for recognization, promotion and payment and would just stop doing the emotional and intellectual labour that is demanded of them, their male comrades would go like \o/ Hoo! \o/

But that’s just me.



  1. Utter tosh Let the men get pregnant leave work for up to 2 years and expect to come back at the same rate of pay Ohhhh shut up sammie so OK i will shut up before i have a monster rant about feminism in general and my blood pressure wouldn’t cope if i did that
    I’m sooo happy being a woman and i really like it when the guys open a door for me exfuckingcetera !!!!!

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    • What do you mean “come back at the same rate of pay”? In Germany they get half a year or one year fully paid momma time and guaranteed comeback. Or sumfink like that. Oh jeez, maybe I should have done the same. :/


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