The Brisk Menu

After I showed you the quite nifty Brisk menu of the Solus OS’s MATE desktop and decided for myself I wanna have it too, I noticed some people already did it and even made YouTube vids about the small mod.

Solus’s Brisk menu

Despite the traditional 3-tier menu of MATE DE, as it features in my Manjaro Linux, being quite a simple and good thing I thought why not stepping boldly into the 21st century and having some of the Brisky niftyness myself?

The 3-tiered menu system (lower left hand side in panel) of standard MATE, as shown here in Point Linux.

Fortunately some clever maintainer already integrated the Brisk Menu into the panel settings menu so it was a super easy and smooth operation to add the Brisk thingie to the panel …

… one click was actually all it took. 🙂

And now my desktop looks like this:

Brisk on Orca’s desktop: So simple and shiny and all-in-one. I guess if you know how to operate Win7 or WinXP or just about any Windows, you’ll be right at home on the MATE desktop. But with a lot more freedoms and a lot less spying and forced updates and other corporate shit.

Ignore the Angry Bird, me’s talking about the Brisk Menu on the lower left hand side of the desktop. Is cool eh? See, that’s just another one of the great things about Linux: You not only can, but you’re encouraged to steal the best ideas and solutions of other guys and from other distros. I dunno how many of the best detail solutions Manjaro have borrowed already from other distros but it’s a lot. Its basic Arch structure is kinda the best Linux code ever, the installer and countless other apps and solutions they got from Linux Mint (since Clem and his Minty gang know how to make stuff easy and accesible for human beings), now the Brisk Menu from Solus, as well as Ikey Doherty of the Solus Project went looting shopping at Manjaro and Arch and and and … and the list goes on. And due to it all being Free and Open Source Software and ruled by a very lenient license system, it’s perfectly legal and welcomed.

It’s all good.

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