Orca’s Craving Change

Yeah me, I’m a bit restless again. Bored with this blog’s name and layout and about to give it a kinda overhaul. Yes, again. Here are some name changes I came up with in the last 2 minutes:

Yaya, I know it’s cringeworthy. So please if you have some better names pleez pleez send them to my email or just – and even better – send them to the comments down below here.

Apart from that I’m gonna switch the layout again as well. As practical as this one here is, for my critical eyes it misses the elegance of a magazine style website. Will probably go back to a one-column style with all blog stories below another. So if you’ve been absent for a number days/weeks and wanna be up-to-date again you gotta scroll back a bit. Will let you know once I found a theme I really like and will ask you for your input again then.

Okay, you know your task and what you gotta do now. So get on with it and let your last remaining braincells become creative … raboti raboti!!!



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