And Once Again …

… just because it’s so fukn funny … and we’re still allowed to do it …


… here’s yet another round of America vs Russia. Gloves off:


Nice story, although I do wonder what memories Americans have of North Germany. The northern half of the country was taken and occupied by the Brits, and  – according to my parents – we’re very grateful for that.


I mean, just taking a bite of a man’s cheese sandwich is something no civilized person would ever do. Not without express permission. NEVER EVER!!! Make your own cheese sammich, bitch! It might have been his last cheese sammie before deployment to the freezing baltics … and sure death. But, yes, the sandwich maker was a tad over reacting.


There seems to be a lot of confusion to be going on in DC.


Meanwhile at the goal of the aggression, the heart of the bogeyman, in Moscow:


So if you really wanna invade mother Russia, now’s the time! Don’t wait too long, don’t hesitate. Coz soon there will be spring and the snow and ice will melt and the whole fukn country will turn into a swamp and your tanks will get stuck and your boots will get wet and dirty. And none of you will get out alive. 😮


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