And Once Again … Again

… Orca has been a wee bit stoopid. 😦


Ok, first I gotta start with the beginning, right? So, Trappy summoned me up to her build platform, high above Triumphal. I first thought Oy vey, now she’s gonna be mad at me for  having my own platform in the skies above Triumphal as well … but in reality she just gave me an undisclosed amount of Lindies as xmas prezzie. \o/ YAY! \o/ and thx very much, darling. Of course the undisclosed sum of L$ was supposed for me to purchase a mesh body and bento noggin from. Oy, something like the one Trap is wearing herself?


Ouch, that’s so fugly: Just the eyes and the rest of the skull dangles between Trap’s legs. Took me a while  to realize that my beloved Singularity viewer has no bento capabilities. At least not yet.

Still I went shopping the next day but couldn’t find neither the body nor the head …

[11:35 PM]  Trapez Breen: (Saved Thu 05 Jan 2017 10:20 PM) haha, every noob in sl has a mesh body and head and you cant find them??!!!
[11:35 PM]  Trapez Breen: (Saved Thu 05 Jan 2017 10:21 PM) Lara mesh body at maitreya, simone head at lelutka
[11:40 PM]  Orca Flotta: i’m at lelutka and can’t find the fukn head
[11:40 PM]  Second Life: User not online – message will be stored and delivered later.
[11:40 PM]  Orca Flotta: leluka mainstore even
[11:40 PM]  Second Life: User not online – message will be stored and delivered later.

Ok, I can offer an excuse. Just an excuse, not a real explainification but a cheap excuse. I wasn’t totally focussed. But today I went out again, was totally focused and …


\o/ FUK YAY! \o/ See it? A vendor for the Simone head by LeLutka in the LeLutka store. So exactly where one would assume to find it. And I dunno if you can see it from the snapshot but I am on a freshly installed Firestorm/Phoenix viewer, and no worries, I will get used to the confusing, impractical and illogical GUI. Somehow. FFS, it’s just a SL viewer, no rocket science stuff. Must I really mention that Firestorm, same as Singularity, can be installed directly from the Arch User Repository (AUR), without the need to surf to the Firething website and use lots of trickery?

Anyway, still not totally convinced of the usefulness of bento stuff I only bought the Simone DEMO and will play with it before hitting the <BUY> button. If I don’t like the stuff, Trap gave me the option to hand the money to Lucy or Sammie but knowing these girls are even more selfmade oldstylish than me I dunno if they’re gonna be happy with it.

Maitreya Mesh Body
The Maitreya Mesh Body is too curvacious and “sexy” for my taste. Look at that Kardashian ass. 😮 And those ginormous breasts, jeez! I’m a sports avie, not a whore, ffs! I hope it’s modable. Need to get a DEMO.

Anyway, after installing the viewer, modding it to my tastes and browsing around at LeLutka I had to log off. Will get the Maitreya body later today and then retire to some top secret location in order to create the New Me, one that is as uncurvacious, innocently sexy and cute as a button like the Orca you all know and love. As if. LOL.

See, the usually well-informed Orca has avoided to read too much and clue up about all that fashionable mesh/bento body parts stuff until now. So I guess I’ve got a lot of experimenting/fucking up to do before I can reappear on the inworld circus again. Don’t even know if I can still wear all my old flexi hairs and clothes or if I have to wear total 100% mesh clothing from now on? It would be a friggin shame. A female body just doesn’t look too beautiful with clumps of clay instead of hairs and clothes made from concrete. Might be a cool look for snapshots but walking, driving, riding, biking, running, flying, sailing around like that on the grid is something different. Anyway, Berry Singh looks fantastic with that noggin, isn’t she? Slightly Asian (me likey), very elegant and stylish (not my style tho) and very doable.

LeLutka Simone Bento Mesh Head
This woman could turn me into a raving Lesbian … oh 😮 Still, do you see the scar between head and shoulders? Not good.



  1. I just got the Belleza Isis mesh body as well. It seems very well made and in some areas better than Maitreya Lara. But then again there is the clothes situation with many vendors only catering to Maitreya.

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    • Trappy, thx again for the nice xmas prezzie I guess. But in what kind of dilemma did you get me into? Now I can only buy certain clothes, which are made for my specific body? Didn’t you tell me I can mod the body to my ideal? I just read Berry’s blog in which she likes the Maitreya body most of the bunch. Can I trust nobody anymore?


  2. I’ve taken pix of Bento heads that are creepy AND funny — one head has a shiny pink plastic brain inside! 😀 I haven’t yet upgraded my FS to see them properly, but I’d bet I’m just one of many many who see skull innards. I may never be ready to get a head, more due to the weird pouty lips than anything.

    Just FYI, Glam Affair makes skins that perfectly match the Maitreya Lara skin presets, so you can, as I do, wear your old familiar head without a seam showing.

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    • p.s., Maitreya bods have elaborate HUDs whose masking alphas can be tweaked to accommodate most mesh clothing, so no need to send your old clothes to Oxfam or Salvation Army just yet. 🙂

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    • But Luna, I’m not gonna wear my own head with Maitreya mesh body. Why should I? Was always more than happy with my selfmade measures. It’s just that I obviously need a mesh body to go with my new LeLutka Simone noggin. But good to know I won’t be too restricted clotheswise. Anyhoo, will start the works on New Me tomorrow … maybe. 😉


      • Ok my 2 cents.
        Mesh bodies. Only 2 choices, if you like to be naked by Lena perky’s full mod one. Kl also slees hands and feet much cheaper and full compatible with Slink shoes.
        Kl is the onyl body i know off, that you can rezz in world and mod at will, remove layers and so on, so you can make if full unscripted, add your own skin directly upon a layer, remove the non needed layers and make it the less arc cost mesh body and finnaly is realy well made on lod, so you can see it even when using lod 2 or less?!
        If you like to wear some nice clothes then you must try Belleza Isis.
        You can not mod it like lena, but you can delete almost all scripts via hud, is realy low arc, even if it means you can not use a low lod, like the lena, cause it will deform above lod 4, it cames with hands and feet , full compatible with slink, also can use your own skin via the mesh creator kit.
        Those are the only bodies i think are worth, i used lena perky for long without a single complain but the lack of fit mesh outifts (they have a few but sadly most creators dont build for them)
        I love Isis shape, so its the body i use nowadays,( Lite version) not a single issue for having a small scipt running (16kb)and it fits perfectly Catwa mesh head i use, not a bento one as i do think for now bento heads are not worth the price nor the trouble messing with them to make a nice face. (and i did tried the demo of simone)
        In fact Bento hands are the only advantage one can have, and Meli Imako just released are set, so i expect soon mesh bodies will have bento hands as well.
        So to end.
        If you buy Lena perky you will spend less then L 1300 on a body hands and feet.
        If you buy Isis lite, you will spend a lil more, no need to get the hands and feet.
        If you want to be bento, well i would wait till a brand updated their bodies.
        But just for the sake of difference, i would always refuse to use matreya brand.

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        • Thx for the tips, Foneco, BUT I understood only half of it. Now I must buy feet and hands too? Anyway, Trap gave me the money to buy Simone head and Maitreya body, so I don’t need to break my head over the decision.


      • well, it has a exporter to collada format that is the ae as firestorm, it does have a inbuild ao that i dont use and no quick windlight settings, but you can set it up in less then 2 min, whie it takes 40 min to set up firestorm to…look like sl viewer, that is te only design i like, lol.


  3. I would stil make sure i can be using LOD 4 (go to advance setings debut settings, type rendvollodfactor and change the number to 4 if it is lower).
    And i would avoid buying a bento mesh head instead of a reg mesh one if you can not set a head like you want after playing wih the demo (i did tried simone demo and with my reg shape that fits wonderful catwa helena reg mesh head, id did look so bad, i messed with sliers for half a hour and just got a close resemblance to what i do wish to look). The combination of sliders to change a mesh bento head is much more wide and also much more harder to figure correctly then a reg one. Also bento stuff is only god as good are the animations done for it, so i would dare to sugest for you to really make sure you try the demo 1st, cause simone costs l 5000.
    If there is a bento item that is realy worth getting it is the hands, vista where the 1st ones, meli imako released a full perm kit as well
    Personally im not going to change from belleza isis and i hope it will get the bento hands update.
    As for the head, i love my catwa helena expressions and sape so ill not change that.


    • I am, no worries Rosy. But of the very rare “not practicing SLesbian” sort. Meaning I’m a lesbian exclusively in the realm of SL, and in SL I’m asexual. In my age you’re past all that pixel humping bullsht and have better things to do. For example trying and failing to save your snapshots to hard drive, i.e. for blog use.


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