That’s Soooo Cute

No, no kitten photo but a piece of cold tech:


I’m waiting for something like this since years already. Not a bigger smartphone or a smaller tablet but a real fully functional laptop … just a tad smallerer than most. Finally a laptop I don’t even need a fashionable purse for but can stuff in my cargo pants. And preloaded with Ubuntu … okay. So it’ll be capable of working with other betterer Linuxes as well. 😉

Pheeeew, and my finger was already hovering above the [BUY] button on the PineBook website when I found this newness on OMG! Ubuntu. So I guess some more weeks of waiting for final production and pricing info is in order.

Of course this GPD thingie will cost significantly more than 89 US$ most probably, but then … look at the specs and … the GPD isn’t white!!! That fact alone is worth at least 100 bucks. 😉

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