That’s Good … and Bad

Slowly I’m going bonkers here with OrcNet, the unbelievably stupid Acer Netbook/mini notebook computer. In the beginning it was just that it was slower than anticipated but still allowed me to install lots and lots of different Linux systems on it. No matter if Debian/Ubuntu based, Puppy, SuSE, RHeL or Arch, everything just worked as supposed to.

Then it slowly got worse and my not-so-nifty OrcNet refused all Operating Systems but Ubu/Deb based ones. And day before yesterday … nothing! Null, zilch, nada. Nothing I could do anymore as Orcnet went into full incommunicado retard mode and quit talking to us. 😦 Don’t get me wrong, that fukn lappy always plays nice and lets us install all kinds of shit on it. Only after taking out the installation media and rebooting the computer it just displays some gobbledigook shit and that’s it. No Operation System installed! 😮

OrcNet after install of any Linux OS … and reboot. WTF? 😮

However yesterday I managed to install Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) … and it stuck! With stuck I mean it was still there after reboot. \o/ YAY! \o/ Ok, so then why don’t you just shut up and enjoy your netbook, bitch?

Ugh, you don’t know Orca, you have no idea how she ticks and the method to her madness. For Orca became kinda cocky, even for her deluded mindset a bit too crazy. For she’s never happy, will never be happy with easy kiddies shit like Debian. She needs the sexyness of Arch and the high fashion of its High Priestess Manjaro! So not even 5 minutes later – “Hold my beer and watch me!” – I was installing Manjaro onto OrcNet. Again. Yes.

Needless to say OrcNet was borked after that attempt in futility. Again. Yes, for the thousandth time. ;( You know what they say about crazy people, do ya?

Anyway, today I tried again to put some Linux system on OrcNet, this time LMDE’s much smaller and less demanding sister, Point Linux. Yes, I know it’s just a Debian, nothing fancy going on with it but it’s much lighter than LMDE and so sparsely populated I will have some fun with it for quite some time now.

OrcNet as of right now. The wonderfully easypeasy Point Linux installed and That She Blows! running on Firefox. Kinda perfect …

Yeah, I guess OrcNet in this recent state will last the whole day (as I’ve shut it down now and put it away to work on my main rig). And tonight or tomorrow I shall try again to install Manjaro. You know once you’ve tasted the sweet flavour of Arch Linux there is no way back, nothing else will be good enough for you anymore. Stupid? Yes, maybe, in a way, viewed from a certain angle in a  certain light, it might appear as stupidity or at least the workings of a disturbed mind.

But really, is there any reason, a logical reason for OrcNet accepting some flavours of Linux but not all of ’em? No eh? There is none, not a single reason for this inexplainable behaviour. So I’m gonna torture that little machine a bit more. Or bring it into ComputerRepairLesbian’s workshop.

I’m kinda happy now, as OrcNet is ready and good and fully functional to go on travels with me. That’s good cause that’s what I have him for. But I won’t rest until I’ve got my fave distro installed on OrcNet. If I’ve accepted  just about any shit on my hardware I coulda stuck with Windblows. And that is just not a valid option. So, basta!


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