Do it. Do it NAO!!!

Don’t be a slob.


People, this ain’t funny. Dealing with your emails shouldn’t pose a problem. I’m personally sitting on 4 email accounts and they are all well taken care off with never any backlog. I mean, ok, spending like 18 hours/day online, I can deal with them multiple times each day.  But even when I’m away from my computer for days or weeks, it never takes longer than like half an hour to delete/answer/archive them all. And so can you!

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Also it’s 2017 ffs! Nobody’s away from any computer-like machine for longer than a couple of hours anyway. Even when we fly overseas, what for did the good [deity of your choice] invent stopovers at some boring af en route airports? Two hours stopover in cheesy Amsterdam? No reason why you’re still having unanswered emails in your inbox.

email_way_too_much / Source:

And I hear all you youngsters even have this fabulous new tech, cellular telephones or so. These things can do a lot of the stuff auntie Orcsi has to grab her OrcNet out of the bag for. So why tf do you still have such heaps of undealt with emails building up in your inbox?

Techniques to Tame Your Overflowing Email Inbox

I don’t know how you organise yourself, respectively your emails, or if you do it at all, and it’s honestly not my concern. Right, I know when not to be so fukn nosey. Still, may I tell you one easy and very very old trick, please? Thankyou, I use the good old Thunderbird. It’s Open Source (formerly maintained by Mozilla) and available for all kinds of computer systems. Maybe not for Mac but the rest should have it at their disposal. It’s an old, easy and trusted program and comes preinstalled with many Linux systems. If it’s not there you can get it in 2 minutes, so no reason not to have the Thunderfart in your system.

A view of Orca’s trash.

Just in  case you’re living under a rock, Thunderfart is like your Viewer or Browser for emails. I manage all my 4 accounts on one surface, in one application. No need to surf to 3 different email services and log in and deal with their stupid menus and all the advertisements n stuff. Do it all quick and easy in one little box.

Quality Marketing Communications: The Overflowing Inbox

But here comes my best tip on how  to deal with too much mail: Don’t read them! At least not all of them. Every email coming from some username I’ve never heard of or from a company I never dealt with, or one of the many many Nigerian princes, gets deleted right away. Voila, 80% *P00f* already. The rest is no problem then. Many are from SL, even from WordPress, while many more are from ZZ Bottom so I will read your comments in my blog or other SL blogs a bit later anyway. 🙂

So, only 5% of real unique emails left. And those I can deal with.

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