The Bestest Quote EVAR!!!

Heyyy, I know many or even most of you hate my guts for being not loyal. It rarely helps when I explain that I’m in fact a very loyal person, loyal to ideologies, loyal to technicalities, loyal to principles. I’m just not loyal to other people. Because they aren’t as important as a strong set of values and principles.

Anyhoo, considering the topic of loyalty I just read the bestest quote in Pussycat Catnap’s bloggy:

A great quote I don’t remember the source on is ‘have loosely held deep beliefs‘. I think I heard it on the Tim Ferris podcast… This is to say that you should get to know and very strongly advocate the positions you hold – or they are not worth holding. But you should be ready to abandon them in a moment if they should prove flawed or false. Be an advocate, and activist, but have no loyalty. Loyalty is for the ignorant. Principle and ethics are what should guide.

Yeah, that’s so me: I have loosely held deep beliefs. Prove to me where I’m wrong and my loyalty to the principle is gone *p00f* right away. But until you can come up with something better – which almost nobody ever manages to do – I shall keep standfast to my principles!

Pussycat Catnap @ home.

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