1. Our wonderful, cynical press basically gave Barack Obama one last long, loving media blowjob and swallowed every drop of deception on this story. Then licked his spent member clean.

    Director of National Intelligence James Clapper (who ought to have conducted the interview wearing yellow coveralls for the Manning Suite of the Federal Reformatory at Ft. Leavenworth. Kansas for lying to Congress on previous occasions, said with a straight face that Russia had definitively hacked the DNC sites (but not one of our three-letter agencies have actually connected a wikileaks E-mail to the Russians or even shown a single E-mail released to be a fabrication – each E-mail was authentic testimony that it’s the Democrats, not the Republicans, who have been selling Ambassadorships and high-level policy-making jobs in the State Department. He also said, with the same poker face he used to lie to Congress before, that Russia Today (rt.com)’s news coverage constituted interference with our elections in the US.

    And on that. Barack Obama justified wholesale expulsions of Russian diplomats (who, no doubt, all worked for the First Chief Directorate of the Russian Security Service (recently re-named the Komitet Gosudarstvannoye Bezopasnosti, or “KGB”. because Putin wanted to wear his old medals). They should have been expelled long ago, but Hillary Clinton had given them a nice red button marked “overcharge” in Russian as a showy way of kissing Putin’s ass, until he showed us that what you get for doing that is your allies in Eastern Europe invaded.

    But the reason for their expulsion was as phony as it could be. If Russia interfered with our elections, the financing of 20-25 percent of the Clinton campaign by the Saudis was just as blatant interference with the same election.

    Look out for our embassy in Moscow to be shipped back here entirely because our coverage of Putin and every previous Russian leader in Radio Liberty/Radio Free Europe has been interference with Russian elections since, oh, about 1950.


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