Pinebooks Getting Real Now!

I bet you’ve forgotten all about the legendary Pinebook, have you? Well, I can’t blame you. In the Linux world you see many bright eyed and naiive enthusiasts with great ideas … and no stamina at all. So many dreams are just pipedreams and stay in the realm of legends forever. Not so the Pinebook! Look:


Ok, well, next month they start selling. Probably via Ali Express or Alibaba or so. Because the Pinebooks will be manufactured in China, Ali is the way to go I suppose. Yes, they will be rather weaklish on the ARM chips BUT for that price? Who am I to complain, eh? In fact it’s not important at all, as Open Source hardware they won’t get in the way when we install all sorts of fancy Linuxes on them. Nice Linux throwaway machines, I guess we’ll order not only one but a bunch of ’em thingies. In both sizes, although my heart beats for the 11.6″ model … and oh, let’s hope they’ll be available in black as well. White plastic looks sooo Apple-ish and we wanna avoid that, don’t we?

Anyhoo, as South African residents we’re in a strategic union with China, in so far we have hope that our customs people won’t milk us dry. You Americans otoh, let’s just hope your new presi won’t start a war with China, it might look bleak for your order then.

Nooo,  command back! I just remembered Pinebook have their own website where you can order your shitty laptops. So you can forget about the Alis. They’ll still ship from China though. 😮


    • Did I say anything about tacky and cheap? I only said they might look Apple-ish. And that’s where tacky and cheap comes into the picture because all the copycats never got Apple’s – or better said Foxconn’s – quality quite right.
      But anyway, for me it’s gotta be black and small. White will look like shit after the shortest time already. But fear not, if we’re gonna order we’ll take both sizes since hubby is quite fond of 14″.


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