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A typical Linux community

The power of the individual in the community. Of course the individual user/dev has a lot of power in any Linux community, as we’re not a Borg collective but all free people working kinda together. We don’t even display any symptoms of  hive mindedness. Anyhoo, what I really wanna show you is a new Manjaro Linux distro. It’s so fresh it was announced just yesterday by the developer in Manjaro forum …

The announcement of January 6, 2017
23 of 42

And so far the user napcok has only gotten positive responses, so clueless Orcsimuppet just had to download and install this Openbox system, since it may be right what I’m looking for to use on OrcNet. Lightweight, fast, a window manager instead of a real desktop environment but still with a modicum of creature comforts to make it usable for dummies like Orcsi. Orcsi, btw. is one of only 42 people on this planet who have downloaded MaboxLinux already, and became member of the Mabox community. I was actually number 23 when I grabbed it yesterday. I just remember in a true Borg Collective they’d call me 23 of 42. =^.^= So it’s not a mass phenomenon … not yet. 😉 But let’s have a looksie, ok?


Oooh, so n00b friendly. This is how you’re greeted after install: 2 things to do to end up with a fresh up-to-date system. That’s almost as with Linux Lite or Ubuntu MATE or other starter distros. Very good.

I forgot to mention the installation went super smoothly as we know it from Manjaro. It’s hard to believe one is installing that behemoth of a super geeky expert Arch Linux system.

Running the initial update makes you look like a total nerd but it’s actually super simples. Don’t pay no attention to the man behind the curtain and you’ll be fine. 😉

The original Openbox development was stopped a while ago, despite Manjaro having the best implementation of OpenBox of all 28 milion Linux distros. Dunno what happened to the original maintainers, and now napcok took kinda over and made a full distro of it and even managed to make it usable by housewifes and other shits. 🙂

Once you’re done with ranking of the servers and update you’ll end up with a naked desktop that is only adorned by a single panel on the top, a conky on the left side which gives us some system info and a temporary panel which shows us the processor usage. You have to move your mouse all the way over to the right side of the screen to get it.

Does the screen look too confusing and freakish for your taste? Mhm. Forget it. None of that stuff on there is important. We only concentrate on the panel, as there we find the few little things we can do in order to operate Mabox. Most important is the green box symbol on the far left side as this brings us to the sparsely populated menu. We find all the usual categories there but they are kinda empty in order to keep the system light and spunky.

Yay, found my screenshots right away. They’re not hidden from the n00bs eyes. can’t have the thumbnails show up on desktop but at least you know where they are.
The choice of Pale Moon interwebz browser is a good compromise of comforts and speed, good decision to go with that peculair browser.

Wonderful. Mabox doesn’t even give us an office suite. Yeah, it’s modern enough for the dev to have noticed that nobody’s working on big full grown office softwares anymore.What we get is a document viewer tho. Okeeee.

If you know a little bit –  just a tiny little bit – about Arch command structure, installing all the software you need is no problem. I’m quite happy with just the nifty Ghostwriter text editor, as it gives me everything I need to produce “The Novel Of The 21st Century!”

Yeah, as I mentioned already the menu is sparsely populated with just the bare necessities. But these necessities are so there! You get a decent amount of customization tools, almost like a real desktop environment, and as much as I’d love to have starters of my fave software available directly on the panel, other, heavier, real desktops (LXQt and co.) aren’t giving me that option neither. Apart from that Mabox is actually all I need from a computer and may very well turn out to become my swiss army knife as a travel system. It’s an empty canvas so to say, so we get the opportunity to “build” our own operating system … well, kindasorta. For old and weak hardware Linux system like mabox are the perfect solution.

Pfff, no! After becoming very selective about what he allowed to be installed onto him, fukn OrcNet now refuses every sort of installation. I already knew he doesn’t like Arch systems but now I can’t even install a simple Ubuntu anymore. 😦

PS: Sammie, listen. This is a hardware failure, as it is so often. It doesn’t mean the Mabox OS is faulty or Linux as a whole is unusable. We’re rockin’ Linuxes on 3 PCs without any probs. Yes, even Mabox is doing great, just it’s running on MiniMe, my old Lenovo desktop. No reason to assume I’m not hapy with Linux. In fact I couldn’t be happier. Just to be sure I tried to install Windows onto OrcNet I but it failed as well.

Will call Computer Repair Lesbian later and deliver the machine to her workshop. All will be okayyy …


  1. PSS sammie is listening with interest
    Re my lappy it cost me €50 from a friend who didn’t want it I battled frustratingly with windows on it and eventually managed to format C and partition the drive OMG windows soooooo sucks after MacOS
    as yet i have no idea what its graphics etc are capable of but st
    east the hard drive is totally clean for now x

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s kinda amazing, Sammie, but totally gratuitious, as Linux will format your harddrive during installation if you tell it so. It uses a different format anyway, ext4 instead of FAT32 or what Windows is on nowadays. Finding out what your lappy is capable of is pretty easy: Just Google the exact model which is mostly printed on a small sticker on the underside of your lappy. The search will reveal everything about that thing, cpu, gpu, ram, hdd …

      Much more important tho, is to set your boot order in the UEFI/BIOS so that it will boot from the DVD first, instead of the hard drive. If your friend wasn’t too stupid they already set it up that way. It’s a must if you wanna install a new OS on it, be it Linux, MacOS or another Windows version. And while your at it I’d shut off Secure Boot and UEFI as well and set everything back to Legacy. Eventhough most Linuxes today can handle UEFI, Legacy settings kinda guarantee a happy Linux install. And then everything will be fine and you have the bestest little computer EVER!

      🙂 xxoxoxo


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