What’s Going On With Orca’s Blog?

Not much to be honest. And know what, I’m not even ashamed to admit to rather lazy and slow blogging the last couple days. You know I’m not the only one and I guess it’s typical for this time of the year. Most of yous are on vacation, hanging out with family and friends. So it’s not easy getting inspiration from other blogs/publications.

See that shit? Orca’s laptop is as empty as her fugly noggin

I bet in maybe one or two weeks things will pick up in speed and intensity and stories will just fly off my desk again. Until then may I ask you to keep calm and drink tea and make do with only one or two daily stories?



  1. I will tell you what’s going on I am watching despicable me on the TV
    WHO KNEW it stars donald trump nearly fell off my chair he’s a wig seller sooo funny

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