Bravo HP!


Really now, I can’t stand this new trend of flatter, flatter, flatterer, flatterestested anymore. All those new lappies are hardly dicernable from momma’s pancakes, and what purpose does it serve? What I really like is that screen sizes are getting smaller now, with 13 and 14 inch screens being all the rage in laptops. But who cares if one lappy is a single millimeter thicker than the other?

Particularly cool is the new trend for hubby who wants to have a 14″ since years but they used to be too expensive for his taste. Now they are becoming the standard. \o/ YAY! \o/

Me, I can only smile slightly when I read such things, my personal lappy is only a sexy 11.6″ in size, has battery life of well over 8 hours … and fits in my purse. Too bad it’s a little weakling. 😮

OrcNet in its new habitat, the OrcBag …


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