A Bit Too Much

Look here, may I direct your attention to this shit?



While it’s generally nice of the writer to wish us all a happy season, how can he be so ignorant and stupid about the topic he reports on. On a specially made for Linux website of all places? Fucksake, man, don’t you know the first fukn thing about Linux?

I mean, while he’s generally correct and we all love Mint for one or the other reason, he confuses some very basic stuff right at the start of his article (which I refused to read any further) when he states “Linux Mint 18.1 is the best desktop available today.” First, Linux Mint is a distribution of Linux and comes with a variety of different desktops. Mainly it’s their own homegrown Cinnamon environment but also MATE and KDE flavours are available. Soooo, what will it be? And why are you trying to confuse the n00bs this article was aimed at? It was aimed at n00bs, wasn’t it?

Secondly, what’s with all that fanboying? “Best desktop period.” Really? Really? When talking about desktop environments there’s always the very important factor of personal workflow, habits and … taste to take into consideration. And particularly when talking about Mint’s flagship DE, Cinnamon, there is a great deal to say about it and its shortcomings and negative aspects. So, whom did Mr. Vaughan-Nichols trying to impress with this strong and matter of factly wrong statement? The ladies? Ugh, pleez. :/ Consider me sooo Not Impressed! =^.^=

The good Steven J. should realize that on ZDNet’s Linux and Open Source pages he preaches to the choir. So his cringeworthy market barker tone wouldn’t make him any friends neither. This is not how propaganda works, stupid! I just notice his job is so much easier than mine. :..( And he most probably, unfortunately gets paid for scribbling shit like that article.

The world isn’t a fair place is it?

Still … Linux Mint in either flavour (Cinn and MATE) is great, well as far as Ubuntu based distros go even the bestest of the bunch. It’s friendly without being a nanny and is sooo boring and easy it’s perfect. Mint ain’t the #1 distro in the Distrowatch charts for nothing … and it comes highly recomended by Orca too. *Cough* Noticed the hint, Sammie? *Cough*


  1. First, before I make my intended point…. Yes, I AM still alive assholes – that was intended for the people spreading the rumor that I am not. Not you Orca, but I am aware of a few readers of this blog who have been spreading that shit in world. I’ll die when I’m damn good and ready, and not before, got it?

    Now to my point. I was considering that you may have something with this statement,
    “I just notice his job is so much easier than mine. :..( And he most probably, unfortunately gets paid for scribbling shit like that article. The world isn’t a fair place is it?”

    Maybe, just maybe, Orca you should consider approaching a few of these sites and mags and see about a deal, people do get paid all the time for freelance writing, and you appear to have as much, if not more knowledge on this subject than some of these “Professional” writers. It may not be a regular thing at the start, or ever, but even the occasional payoff might be a great thing to feed your computer habit or whatever you decide to do with the extra cash.

    Just a thought, but don’t take it lightly, I have friends whom have been published before out of nowhere, it does happen. Wouldn’t that be a awesome side job.


    • Happy to hear you’re still alive, Maiti. But obviously I haven’t expected anything else. Dontcha dare just stealing yourself off this earth … not on my watch! Man, people are such assholios, aren’t they?

      Your second point … ugh, yeah, you know I used to be a journo when I was younger. Not the writing type tho. Financed a huge part of my budget as a student with press photography. And whoa, I can tell you, we looked down at the inksplotters with pity. But I am actually a writer. Writing on the novel of the 21th century since the early 90s, filled thousands of manuscript pages with finest prose (in German of course), have 3 or 4 almost finished novels … almost. I will never finish them, because that would mean letting them and my characters go. And I can’t do that. Am not a coldhearted professional.


  2. Real question. A friend gave us a couple of computers left over from the chaos that was Hurricane Katrina. One’s a HP ez2000 laptop, with what was (in 2005, when it came out) was a reasonable 50 Mb hard drive (20 Gb of which is free space after pruning – HP loves to load you up on gigabytes of “support software” it looks risky to mess with) and 512 Mb of RAM.

    Yes, I know, it is to laugh. But the processor’s a single core AMD running at 1.7 GHz, which makes it Celeron-like.

    Xbuntu looks like a reasonable choice for this machine (I have 20 Gb available without whacking out the Windows install, but am open to just formatting the drive and going for broke) but the Zorin “OS 12 LITE” distro of ubuntu interestingly will (when it comes out) supposedly run on 8 Gb of HDD space, a 700 MHz processor, and 512 Mb of RAM.

    I’ll be pawing through every dead laptop in the house and my ministorage for the RAM to make this new addition to our house all it can be.

    In the meantime, do you know off-hand of a distro of Linux good enough to support YouTube surfing and Email – to keep my housemate from needing this here machine I SL on to do her Internet stuff on 512 Mb RAM, 20 Gb of free HDD space, and a 1.7 GHz AMD processor?

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    • That’s a good and interesting question, Pat. Two answers I can give you right now: Yes and No. Usually no Linux should need more than 8GB installed on your HDD and 512 MB RAM is enough for many Linuxes as well. No, I don’t know any specific distro I’d recommend right now. Please gimme a couple seconds/days and expect a more in dephts blogpost about ultralight Linux distros. I know some but only by name and would need to do some research first. I’m a spoilt girl and expect much more fro my Linux than those ultralights can deliver.

      So please hang on for a couple days please.

      PS: Zorin just came out with version 17.1. You’re talking about that? Never knew it was particularly lightweight.

      Oh, and I wouldn’t hesitate a single second to wipe the 50GB HDD, respectively tell the Linux install to do it for you. But then I don’t have any need for Microsoft software and pseudo security service shit your computer vendor put onto your machine. Actually that’s always the first stuff that goes *p00f* when I get a new computer into my hands.


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