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Hey, seen Sherlock already? We have. Hubby found the first episode of the new season somewhere in the *cough* less well illuminated parts of the interwebz and so we came to enjoy this brandnew episode of BBC’s Sherlock. It’s astonishing, really, how Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman were still finding the time to work for their old employer after both careers skyrocketd in the last couple years.


And I’m slowly asking myself it was really such a lucky thing this happened to come together. I already found season 3 rather pompous and self-celebratory. It’s one thing if the hero and the scripts of a show are clever, forcefeeding it to the audiences (look how clever we are) isn’t a sign of a good show tho. The very positive impression we got from the first two seasons of Sherlock shrunk enormously due to this attitude.


Sherlock’s trip into the past was a good idea but didn’t help with the series’ overall problem. So we were really looking forward to the first (of three) new episodes of the 4th season of Sherlock.


And we were honestly a bit disappointed with the direction the show was going in. The first episode The Six Thatchers was all about Watson’s bride and fresh mother, Mary and her past as a secret agent and assassin.


A much less edgy than usual Sherlock and the regularly bumbling Watson were more or less reduced to supporting roles and haplesss bystanders. That’s quite what was to be expected from Freeman, but Cumberbitch was a real letdown as the fukn title role/hero of the show.



Series creator and Sherlock’s brother, Mycroft Holme’s actor Mark Gatiss, and Rupert Graves as DI Lestrade, were the usual fun in their roles tho.


So all in all it was a rather weak episode of a once great series that slowly became worse. Let’s see what they have in store for us by next week.


How did you guys like the new Sherlock? Agree with Orcsi or still a huge fan? Lemme know in the comments down below.



    • Yes, it was enjoyable, no doubt about that. But it was a far cry off the quality of the first two seasons, when the plots were much closer to the original Sherlock Holmes canon as written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It was about crime mysteries, and pretty tight storytelling. Yesterday’s episode appeared a bit all over the place and unfocussed.


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