Ungeeky Me :(

If you’d followed the latest trends in Linux chic (which you don’t, silly you) you’d know that there is one specific Window Manager that’s almost like a real Desktop Environment and all the rave among them nerds right now. Talking about i3, which is super lightweight and should get my weakish netbook running like a rocket on ice. And no, the i3 Improved Tiling Window Manager has nothing to do with Intel’s starter computer chip of the same name.


So despite my usual scepticism, impatience and stupidity (ungeekyness) I downloaded and installed i3 on my favourite Linux distro, Manjaro. Installation went quick and painless as usual with all Manjaro versions … but then … Oy vey!


Yes, no problem doing a screenshot and saving it in my personal orca folder … but where is it and how to find it? After 10 minutes of helplessly clicking around on the admittedly very stylish desktop and trying all sorts of keyboard shortcuts I just gave up and will use the screenshots from the i3 website now.



As much as I’m a fan of using my keyboard instead of just mouseclicking and fingersmearing, all these tiling window managers are just too much for me and my little girly brainbox.

Damn sexy desktop, right?

Asking me why I don’t give another Window Manager a chance I gotta say from all I’ve heard is i3 the most n00b friendly of the bunch, allows you some mousing and gives you real windows with decorations. So it can’t be any more user friendly than i3.

Looks so clean and simple …

That’s disheartening news for a stupid girl like me, so I gave up. Seems my search for the ultimate lightweight system will continue …

… but is a bitch to use as you need to memorize thousands of keyboard shortcuts to find your way around.

Most probably I’ll end up on something like LXQt, which is already on the lowest threshold of my personal comfort levels. Hey, I’m a bonafide Disney Princess, I demand one -click operation for everything I wanna do. Didn’t switch from Win to Linux with the purpose of making my life more complicated, did I?

But it’s sooo functional and fast … if you know how. Which I don’t. 😦

I’ve already learned – yes, learned and memorized – almost half a dozen of Arch Linux terminal commands. I guess that’s geeky enough and as far as I’m willing to go. So, basta! And anyway, since OrcNet lately refuses to install any Arch distros, this Manjaro won’t help me anyway, even if I tried. 😮

Next distro please! …

/me oogles in direction of Point Linux …


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