As the year is still fairly fresh I thought why not doing some more seasonal stuff and wow you with the sheer power of statistics! As you may very well know numbers don’t lie, which makes them kinda true and useful when determining the goodness of the Thar She Blows! blog. Cool. Are you looking forward to my blog by numbers as much as I do?


Oh, you don’t? Well, fuck you then, I’ll go and crunch some numbers anyway. Here they come:


It’s hardly 11:00 A.M. today and I already had 12 vistors and 33 views. Dunno if WordPress counts my own views into the statistics or not. Would make sense to leave my own visits to the blog uncounted, since I’m pretty much here all the time. It’s my fukn hobby, it’s what I do.

Altogether, from the day of this blog’s inception until today I published 1920 posts, which is quite prolific, isn’t it? But look at this now:



From these 1920 posts 1909 were made by me, and only 11 by my eager co-bloggers. What a bunch of lazies, right? So much for group effort and co-operation. 😮



I only moved over from Google’s Blogspot to WordPress in the middle of March 2015 but so far the move brought only positive results. More visits, more views, more subscribers/followers. I should exploit that in a sexual way. 😉


The international dissemination of this blog shows the USA is leading by quite a margin with Germany trailing far behind. But when we take the EU as a whole I guess the numbers are more or less even.


When we’re looking at the most viewed posts we see a rather silly post about a seriously silly group of people is leading the pack already in its second year. Hipsters were obviously an interesting phenomenon for you as they were for me. As I said it’s silly. Much more interesting are posts about the one or other Linux topic; obviously not only for me but for you as well, as the places from 2 to 5 are showing clearly. Linux clearly rules the blog! =^.^= How a super boring post About Me could end up that far up the charts, on position 7, shall forever remain a riddle tho.


But this is the beef of it all, this is where it counts: 115,250 views, accumulated in not even 2 years is quite a number for a little special interest private blog! Let’s not forget, I reached almost 100k views on my old Google blog before so in reality I’m at over 200k views by now. And despite me repeating it over and over again that I’m not interested in numbers and would even blog on if I was the last person on earth, it’s still a good feeling to be read by so many people so many times and not posting into the void. It feels almost like an accomplishment.


Thanks again y’all for clicking on Thar She Blows! every day, often multiple times a day, just to end up being pissed of with Orca’s stupid opinions and boring hobbies and her pseudo-marxist stance. And that Linux crappola, OMG. 😦

Long may you carry on!

Cheers xoxoxo



  1. I remember you do a time trial sailboat race in Sl from plum gut to Triumphal. Everyone loved what you did. Somehow you have always been able to please quite a wide group. Of course your blog is different, but still you being that well viewed is not a too big surprise for me. Some people just have a talent to please the masses.

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