Glorious PC Master Race

Isn’t the same as Glorious PC Master Race. No, no, there are fine differences and discriminations in between various members of the PC Master Race. Some are just more glorious than others. 😉


Look for example at SL resident Phree Radikal on her bold little Lenovo ThinkCentre office warrior:

That machine, as nifty as it is, hardly meets LL’s minimum requirements. 😦
It’s clearly to see in the very very short draw distance, the lack of details and atmosphere and the terribly bad FPS rate, that the Lenovo operates at the absolute upper edge of its competence.

Ya, it’s a sad state our Phree is in. Playing in SL like this can’t be fun. And then, just to rub it in, appears big wise sister Orca on her older but still ok-ish gaming computer …


… and shows little Phree what a sucker she is. Marvel at Orca’s rich details and epic draw distance, feel the atmospheric windlight with shadows even at her standard noon setting. Experience the sexual emotions radiating off her 1080×1920 screen. That’s why PC Master Racist Orca prefers to snap inworld photos exclusively on her selfmade main machine. Life, actually both lifes, are just more fun on decent hardware.


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